Natural Calamities in Bangladesh Paragraph – Simple Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.


(a) Why is Bangladesh called a Jand of natural calamities? 

(b) What is the most common natural calamity herd

(c) When does it occur? 

(d) What is the impact of it? 

(e) How do the people suffer?




The Most Common Natural Calamity in Bangladesh Or, Floods in Bangladesh Paragraph For HSC 


Bangladesh is the world’s largest delta region whose rivers fall into the Bay of Bengal. Due to its geographical position, different types of natural calamities like floods, cyclones, drought, etc visit the country almost every year. So, Bangladesh is called a land of natural calamities. Among the natural calamities, flood is the most common here. There are numerous barrages like Farakka in the upstream positions of our rivers. During the dry season, they divert most of our river water. It causes low flow and siltation. For it, our rivers are dying and losing the capacity to hold water. During the rainy season, water overflows the banks of the rivers and it causes floods to the surrounding areas. Sometimes, untimely heavy rainfall causes untimely floods. 


#2  Write a paragraph on Natural Calamities in Bangladesh ‘ based on the answer to the following questions. 


a) Why is Bangladesh called the land of natural calamities? 

b) What is the most common natural calamity here?

(c) When does it occur? 

(d) What is the impact? 

(e) How do the people suffer?


Natural Calamities in Bangladesh Paragraph For SSC Students 


Natural calamity means a natural disaster that is caused by nature. Bangladesh is called a land of calamities because it is affected by different natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, drought, river erosion storms, earthquakes, and so on. All these are very common affairs here. Every year natural calamities bring about devastating effects on the people of the country. Among these devastating forces of nature, floods and cyclones are the most common which visit Bangladesh several times each year. Heavy, rainfall and inadequate drainage system all over the country are some of the causes why floods occur each year. We all know what floods and cyclones do to us. Flood water and cyclones, wash away people and animals, damage crops, uproot trees, rage houses to the ground, and make life stop for the time being. The miseries of the flood and cyclone-affected people know no bounds. They take shelter in shelter houses. They suffer from want of food, clothes, medicines, and so on. Sometimes cholera and diarrhea break out in the affected areas. Cyclone Sidr, Aila, and recently the Mahasen have given us a serious warning of further disaster. It can be said that natural calamities in a poor country like Bangladesh are destructive. So, steps should be taken to prevent their destructive effect for the greater interest of the country. The government and NGOs should come forward to help the victims during natural calamities.

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