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write a paragraph on ‘Group Work’ based on the answers to the following questions.


a) What do you mean by group work? 

b) What are the benefits of group work?

c). When could it be more effective?

d) Does sometimes group work fail? Why?

e) How will you evaluate group work?


Group work Paragraph For SSC HSC students 


Group work means working on a specific project collectively or in a group. Group work can be initiated by encompassing two or more two persons in the group with a member who leads the whole group. Theoretically, group work can be defined as a technique of mingling various types of minds and intellects with a view to completing an assignment. When many minds and intellects get together in a place, a difficult task seems easy. In group work, the assigned works are generally divided into various categories and the group members are assigned the works according to their ability and merit. Group work could be more effective when the group members have good communication skills, bonding, and friendly relationship with each other. In this way, the members can share their problems, weaknesses, and other experience with each other. But, group work has shortcomings as well. When the group members cannot come to a decision or their decisions collide with each other or any of the group members do nót work as it should be on the assigned project or the group leader cannot lead the group suitably, the whole group falls apart. Consequently, group work fails. I, personally evaluate group work as a tool of bringing various minds together to get a job done. It creates brotherhood, unity, and equity among people regardless of their religion, community, race, and culture.



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