Gender Discrimination or Gender Disparity Paragraph – Simple English Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.


(a) What is meant by gender disparity?

(b) Why do people discriminate between boys and girls? 

(c) What are the major fields of gender disparity in our country? 

(d) What are the after-effects of such disparity? 

(e) What steps can be taken to get rid of such discrimination still prevailing in our society?


Gender Disparity Paragraph For SSC HSC Students


Gender disparity is a great curse to society. It still prevails in our society. Gender disparity means the preference of one gender, depriving the other. In our country, we prefer the male gender, depriving the female. Unfortunately, gender discrimination begins at the very birth of a female child. This discriminatory treatment towards the female gender continues the whole life. Social prejudices, age-old customs, religious misinterpretation, etc. are the major causes of gender disparity. The socio-economic setup is also responsible for gender disparity. People discriminate between boys and girls as they think that boys are suited to add to the family income but girls are not. They also think that their sons will help them in their old age but their daughters will leave for other families as in-laws. Due to gender discrimination, daughters are not sent to schools and soon they are married off before their maturity. On the other hand, sons are sent to school. Dowry is claimed from the parents of the daughter. After marriage, the girl is tortured or divorced for dowry. These are the major fields of gender discrimination in our country. The social effects of such discrimination are acute. For this, many girls suffer from an inferiority complex that hampers the flourishing of their personalities. It affects their children and the next generations. It is a great loss. Some effective steps can be taken to get rid of gender discrimination from our social system. Among these, ensuring female education, creating mass awareness, avoiding social dogmas are very important. An equal earning opportunity should be ensured for women.

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