Gender Equality Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn Gender Equality ParagraphI think You love this paragraph.





Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.


(a) What do you understand by gender equality? 

(b) What is its importance? 

(c) What is the condition of gender equality in Bangladesh? 

(d) What are its barriers?

(e) Who or what are responsible for these barriers? 

(f) How is gender equality related to the overall development of our country?

(g) What steps would you recommend to ensure gender equality?


Gender Equality Paragraph For SSC HSC Students 


Gender equality means showing no difference or discrimination between males and females in respect of enjoying rights. Unfortunately, boys and girls are not treated equally in our country. Gender equality is very important because women are equal partners to men. According to gender equality, they should be provided with equal treatment. It is a very significant concept for a balanced society. According to the United Nations, gender equality is the most important human right. Empowering women is a must for advancing development. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of families and communities. Therefore, gender equity is important not only for women but also for the whole society. The condition of gender equality in Bangladesh is not satisfactory as gender discrimination prevails in our society. Our poverty, illiteracy, prejudice, etc are causing gender discrimination. Actually, they are actively working as the main barriers to gender equality. We must overcome these barriers and establish gender equality in society. If it is established in society, men and women can work together hand in hand with dignity. It is the precondition of the overall development of the country. To ensure gender equality, we all should come forward to make the people aware of the equal status of men and women. Social customs and prejudices should be removed. Early marriage, torture on women, divorce, etc. should be stopped. Especially, female education, avoiding social dogmas are very important to establish gender equality in society. Without gender equality, the overall development of the country will be hampered.

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