Premature Marriage Paragraph – Short English Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should provide as much detail as possible. You must give a title to your paragraph.


(a) What is meant by premáture marriage? 

(b) Who are victims of premature marriage? 

(c) What are the causes of premature marriage? 

(d) What problems does prematúre marriage create in society? 

(e) What suggestions do you have to solve the problem? 


Premature Marriage Paragraph For SSC HSC students 


Early marriage means a wedding between a young boy and a young girl before reaching puberty. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the age limit of marriage is 21 for males and 18 for females. Any marriage before these figures of age is considered premature marriage. Generally, rural boys and girls belonging to illiterate and poverty-stricken families are the main victims of it. There are various causes of premature marriage. Among them poverty, ignorance, superstitions, lack of awareness are remarkable. Premature marriage does not bring any good to society. Immature males and females cannot adjust themselvės to their marital life. Therefore, quarrels and misunderstandings are inevitable. Consequently, they divorce in a very short time. Again, being a mother at an early age a female cannot play the role of a real mother. Moreover, she is attacked with various diseases due to malnutrition. She faces the risk of her life. Her baby does not find breast milk available. Thus, the subsequent generation of the society becomes totally affected. Premature marriage is also responsible for population explosion. To solve this problem, premature marriage must be stopped. The parents involved in early marriage should be punished. Mass education should be ensured. Social awareness must be developed. For this, both the government and the common people have to work together.

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