Importance of Education Paragraph – Short English Paragraph Writing

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn the Importance of Education ParagraphI think You love this paragraph.





Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as múch detail as possible.


(a) What do you think about the necessity of education? 

(b) Can education really remove the darkness of ignorance? 

(c) How does education promote understanding among people? 

(d) How can education contribute towards change for the better?


Importance of Education Paragraph For SSC HSC Students 


Education is a very important phenomenon in our social life. It is á must for both men and women equally as both together make a healthy and educated society. It develops our minds and makes us complete citizens. It also helps us distinguish between right and wrong. It teaches us our rights and responsibilities. It is education that removes the darkness of ignorance and superstitions. The light of education creates a sense of rationality. With this sense, one can be able to cope with different complexities in society. It gives us a clear conscious view and the ability to judge. It helps us express our thoughtful opinions straightly. It makes us courageous, sincere, and polite in nature. It also drives away misunderstanding among people. It is the precondition of mutual understanding among them. It teaches us to love and respect others. It also teaches us how to be loved and how to be respectful. These are the precondition of a peaceful co-existence with people, Thus, it promotes understanding among people. Education certainly guides us to select the right track for the change for betterment. So, we must trỷ our best to be truly educated.

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