Patriotism Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph on ‘ Patriotism’ based on the answers to the following questions.


(a) What is patriotism? 

(b) What are the qualities of a patriot? 

(c) What can we learn from patriotism? 

(d) What are the characteristics of an unpatriotic person? 

(e) How an unpatriotic person can be harmful to the country?


Patriotism Paragraph For SSC HSC 


Patriotism is a quality that inspires a man to do everything just and fair for the well-being and betterment of the country. It is the quality that impels a man to sacrifice his own interest, comfort, pleasure, and even his life. Patriotic zeal makes a man dutiful. He cannot sit idle. He gets energetic and enthusiastic to work for the country. He obeys the laws, pays taxes, and thinks for the country. Patriotism is a quality that teaches a man fellow-feeling, fraternity, love, and sympathy for the countrymen. A patriotic man gets pleasure in removing the suffering and sorrows of his fellowmen. He devotes his time and energy to developing the country, its culture and civilization, its economic ‘and political system. On the contrary, a man devoid of patriotic zeal engages all his time. in achieving his, mean end. He causes harm to the country by his unyielding and reckless activities. He is an anarchist. He is an enemy to the liberty and sovereignty of the country. He has no scruples and plots against the country.

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