Pastimes Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn Pastimes ParagraphI think You love this paragraph.






Write a paragraph on ‘ Pastimes’ by answering the following questions.


(a) What do you mean by pastime? 

(b) How do pastimes vary? 

(c) How have pastimes been changed in Bangladesh? 

(d) What are the common pastimes all over the world? 

(e) What is your favourite pastime?


Pastimes Paragraph For SSC HSC students 


The things we do for enjoyment beyond our regular work is called pastime. In other words, pastime means one’s activities in one’s leisure. It differs from place to place. In our country pastime varies in respect of locality. In the villages, we see men pass their leisure by chatting. They also indulge in some games and sports, namely ha-du-du, boat race, kiting, etc. Some village people have their pastimes by doing social activities. Some take part in cultural activities like ‘Jatra’, ‘Jari-gan’, etc. In the town, we see that people spend their pastimes by taking part in the discussion on political issues at tea stalls. In this scientific era, their pastimes have changed. They are fond of spending their leisure watching television. They watch programmes on different satellite channels. The younger generation is very much fond of cricket and football and hence they prefer sports channels. The women in the city areas are fond of watching drama and films on television. The Chinese spend their time with their family members in parks. The Japanese love sports and spend their time playing baseball, golf and practising martial arts. Students spend their leisure in English clubs or art clubs or doing skateboarding. Thus pastimes vary from region to region. The pastimes which are common all over the world are watching television, reading novels, collecting stamps, sightseeing, gardening, walking, gossiping, fishing, going on picnics etc. I have a keen interest in photography. That is why it is my favourite pastime.

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