A Rainy Day Paragraph For Jsc, Ssc, Hsc Students l Learn English BD

 A Rainy Day Paragraph For Jsc, Ssc, Hsc Students

A Rainy Day Paragraph


Write a paragraph on ‘A Rainy Day’ by answering the following questions.
(a) How is a rainy day? 
(b) What usually happens on this day? 
(c) What do people do on this day? 
(d) What do children do on this day? 
(e) What happens to the poor?

A Rainy Day Paragraph For HSC Student

A rainy day is a day when it rains almost all day long. Such a day is dull with drizzling and torrential rainfall. The sky often remains cloudy and it is dark all around. The roads become muddy and slippery. One cannot go out without an umbrella. Sometimes, the roads and fields go underwater and people have to walk to go their homes or working places. Open manhole is very dangerous on a rainy day. Children cannot attend a school or go out to play. Rainwater comes into the huts of the poor. They cannot go out for work. A rainy day is a gala day for rich people. They stay at home and eat different kinds of delicious dishes. But it is a curse for the poor people. They suffer much on a rainy day. So, some of them remain starved. In spite of it, rainwater makes everything neat and clean. After a rain, nature wears a fresh look.
Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “A Rainy Day”
a) How is a rainy day? 
b) What usually happens on this day? 
c) What do people do on this day? 
d) What do children do on this day? 
e) How do you spend the day?

              A Rainy Day paragraph For SSC

A typical rainy day occurs in the rainy season. On such a day it rains continuously. The sky is covered. with clouds and nature is dark and gloomy. Sometimes the sun remains invisible. Clouds floating in the sky create a charming scene. A poetic mind gets much pleasure here. However, the day has its demerits to a great extent. A rainy day may be somehow enjoyable to the rich, but the poor suffer a lot. The day laborers cannot work and earn their livelihood. So their family remains half-fed or unfed. Sometimes water goes into their rooms through roofs of straw and causęs indescribable sufferings to them. On a rainy day, stretched umbrellas are seen in great numbers and people slip over on slippery roads. Birds and animals are wet with rainwater and they remain ill-fed all day. Passers-by without umbrellas get drenched and their clothes get spots of mud. On this day, children enjoy their time playing various indoor games. I spend the day gossiping with my brothers and reading various storybooks. To conclude, a rainy day, with all its. merits and demerits are a natural phenomenon.

               A Rainy Day paragraph For Class 5,6,7,8

A rainy day is a day when it rains heavily all day long. Sometimes it drizzles. On a rainy day, the sky is overcast with black clouds and the sun cannot be seen. The day is dull and gloomy. It is dark all around. Due to continuous rainfall, the normal life of the people is disrupted. The roads become slippery and muddy. people cannot go out without an umbrella. Some people go to offices through the water flowing across the roads. The children go to school on a rainy day and they are drenched. Sometimes they catch a cold and are attacked with fever. The office goers go to the offices with umbrellas over their heads and the shoes in hand and with their trousers folded up to the knee. Sometimes the poor people cannot go to their working places on a rainy day and they cannot earn their bread. On a rainy day, the day laborers and rickshaw pullers cannot go out. So they have to suffer a lot. In rural areas, the farmers cannot go to the field for cultivation. The growth of crops is spoiled if there is torrential rain. A rainy day usually becomes uncomfortable for most people. In spite of having thousands of discomforts a rainy day sometimes becomes the source of joy and happiness. It is a day of gossiping, playing indoor games, and eating different types of delicious foods. A rainy day refreshes all the creatures and gives life to nature. Though a rainy day creates suffering for the poor people, it is quite essential for all animal beings and plants.


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