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write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.


(a) What do you mean by satellite TV channels? 

(b) What is your view regarding their roles in society?

 (c) Do you think that some channels cause cultural assault and moral degradation? 

(d) How can we nurture our national culture and heritage? 

(e) What positive measures can you suggest regarding the constructive role of the satellite TV channels?


Satellite TV Channels Paragraph For SSC HSC students 


Nowadays television has become the most common source of entertainment. Satellite TV channels have added a new dimension to this field. Satellite TV channels refer to those TV channels which are run with the help of satellites. In our country, different satellite TV channels are telecasting different types of programmes, which influence our society. Some channels like Discovery, National Geography, Animal Planet, ESPN etc telecast many informative and educative programmes. They introduce us to newer knowledge and ideas about the world. So, the roles of satellite channels are very important in society. Yet satellite TV channels are not free from defects. There are some channels that telecast different types of obscene programmes. These types of channels cause cultural assault and moral degradation. Some foreign channels telecast serial dramas full of family conspiracies and harmful issues. Being addicted to these, we are forgetting our own culture. We should select those channels and programmes that represent our own culture and heritage. In this way, we can nurture our national culture and heritage. Satellite TV channels should play constructive roles. For this, standard and elegant programmes should be produced. Again, available access to vulgar channels must be restricted.

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