A Letter to your Pen Friend About Your country

 Imagine, you are Nibir living at Oxford Mission Road, Barisal. You have a penfriend, Alice who lives at 10 Park Street, U.S.A. He wants to know about Bangladesh. 


Now, write a letter to your friend describing your country.


Oxford Mission Road


10 April 2016

Dear Alice

How’re you doing? It’s really delightful to hear from you after a long time. It made me happy that

you wanted to know about our country and her people. Here I am writing about it in brief. I’ll begin with the geographical position of this small country. It is a South-Asian country surrounded by India on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the south. Its area is 1,47,570 square

kilometers where about 160 million people live. Our country achieved independence in 1971.

Bangladesh is enriched with scenic beauty. The longest sea beach of the world Cox’s Bazar’, the largest mangrove forest of the world Sundarbans and our evergreen tea gardens of Sylhet are world-famous tourist spots of our country.

We have a rich cultural tradition. Our literature and arts are very much developed and they have

earned international recognition. The people of Bangladesh are very hard working as well as ready to face any obstacles. We are also very

hospitable. We are happy when we have a guest in our home and try our best to entertain the guest. We are a peace-loving nation. People of different religions live here together in harmony. That is all about my country. I would love to know about the USA. Write to me soon.

With love


* Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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