Medical Admission Exam Result 2022 (Merit & Waiting List)


Today, the Medical Admission Exam 2022 Result (Merit & Waiting List) was released. Medical Admission Test 2021-2022 results may be accessed at There are a few other methods for obtaining results. According to the information, the medical admission’s findings have been ultimately published on the website. All applicants are urged to take the exam immediately.

Medical Admission Results

“The results of the medical admissions exam have already been revealed,” DGHS head Mehrab Hossain stated in a news conference. “This year’s test was conducted in a stunning location with no reservations.” There are a variety of techniques to gather data. You’ll now go through each of these strategies in great depth. As a prelude, we’d like to provide you a quick overview of the outcomes test technique.

  • Online
  • SMS
  • DGHS website
  • Online Medical Admission Test Results

MBBS Result By

Medical Admission Result 2021-2022 is available online. A detailed debate will follow. By following these instructions, you will be able to verify the results of your medical entrance exam.

To begin, ensure that you have an active internet connection.

Step 2: Open one of your internet browsers that supports JavaScript.

Step 3: Type into the URL bar or go here to copy the link.

Step 4: On that page, click on 2021-2022 Medical Admission Results.

When a new page displays, you must accurately enter your admission test roll number.

Step 6: Select the Results tab.

We hope you were able to verify your MBBS Admission Test results successfully. If you run into any difficulties, please notify us in the comments section below. We will make every effort to assist you in obtaining the results of your medical entrance exam in 2021-2022.

DGHS Medical Admission Test Merit List

The results of the medical admission test have been released, including the findings of the merit list. On the official result BD, you can see the results of the first, second, and third merit lists, as well as the overall results. This merit list will be of use to you if you are interested in determining your current talent standing.
  • In this section, we’ll teach you how to get a PDF copy of the merit list from the internet.
  • Visit our website first, then choose the results menu from the drop-down menu.
  • It is necessary to click on the Medical Admission Merit List Results 2022 PDF once you have seen the menu.
Finally, click on the Download Now option to begin the download process.

Medical Admission Exam Waiting list

When the merit list is announced, the waiting list will be made public. We make every effort to provide you with accurate information about medical entrance test results. Those who took part in the medical examination are anxiously awaiting the results on the waiting list. Although the test is straightforward, he feels optimistic about his chances of admission to a government medical institution.

Result of Medical MBBS Admission via SMS

The result of the medical admission exam may be obtained by mobile SMS. However, the mechanism is complicated. Because you must pay in order to get the results by SMS. You do not, on the other hand, have to pay any money to any website in order to check your results online. On this page, we’ve previously covered how to get your results from the online medical entrance exam in 2021-2022.
The Department of Health and Human Services has not released an SMS format. If we have any new information, it will be posted on our website as well. You may check your results on the internet till then.

Medical MBBS DGHS Outcome Challenge via SMS

It is possible to dispute your entrance exam results through mobile SMS if you are not happy with the results. Do you want to contest the findings of your medical admissions test? Then just follow the steps in reverse order from the beginning.

Go to your messaging choices and enter in the phrase…

” DGHS <space> RSC <space> roll number. And send to 16222

Example: DGHS RSC 125489 “

DGHS Results Challenge participants should not assume they have enough money in their accounts to participate. The recipient will get a PIN code if the message is properly sent. Another SMS message containing the PIN must be sent in this style.

”  Pin DGHS <space> RSC <space> Yes <space> and send to 16222

Example: DGHS RSC Yes 4587  “

Your application for the Medical Admission Test Results Challenge should have been successful, and we thank you for your time and effort.


This topic has been thoroughly explored. Hopefully, it was helpful to you. You may check our video guide if you have any questions. If you need assistance finding your medical school admissions exam results, here’s a YouTube video we’ve made.

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