The Wonders of Modern Science Composition & Essay Writing

In this blog post, you will learn the Wonders of Modern Science Composition & Essay Writing Or, The Blessings of Modern Science or Science In Everyday Life composition for all students.


The Wonders of Modern Science Composition & Essay Writing


The Wonders of Modern Science Composition Writing For SSC HSC Student


We live in an age of science. It has changed the face of the world. So the wonders of science are visible everywhere around us. It has made our life easy, longer, and more comfortable. We cannot think of our life without science.


Science has contributed greatly to our comforts and pleasures. Air conditioning can keep us cool everywhere in the world. Central heating makes it possible to keep us warm even at the Poles. Labor-saving gadgets have lessened the burden of housework. Again, we have cinema, television, radio, etc for our recreation.


The invention of electricity has changed the whole world overnight. We have electric lights and fans. refrigerators and all the labor-saving devices at home – all work through the power of electricity. Electricity also enables us to use elevators and escalators that save us the trouble of going up and down flights of stairs.


Science has removed the distance of place. It has saved time. We also have wonderful means of travel. Cars and buses are very common. Electric trains carry us across the land with great speed. Jet planes go like a flash across the sky. Thus speedy travel is possible only on account of the wonders of science. With the help of science, we have even reached the moon. Soon we are going to visit other planets.


Science has done great magic in the field of communication. Telephone. Fax wireless, mobile phone, the internet, etc. all great wonders of science, have conquered time, space, and distance and brought the world closer to us.


The invention of the computer is the greatest wonder of modern science. In fact, the computer is reigning all over the previous inventions that mankind has ever made possible. Using internet technology with computers has brought another revolution for man. It has made the world the fastest which is beyond imagination. It has turned the world into a global village.


Science has also done miracles in the medical world. Robots, test tube child, heart- transplantation, eye-grafting, etc. are all dramatic contributions of science. We can mention the names of penicillin, and x-rays. BCG, biopsy, ultra-sonography. radiotherapy etc. as the fighting weapons of science against diseases.


In fact, there is no limit to the wonders of science. We cannot do even a day without the help of science.


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