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Information of Bangladesh


Official Name: The people’s Republic of Bangladesh

Capital: Dhaka.

Government system: Parliamentary Government, multilateral democracy,

State language: Bangla.

Second language: English.

State religion: Islam The other religion: Hindu, Buddhist, Christain

Total area: 1, 47, 570 square km (56,977 square miles)

Local time: Greenwich time +6 hours

Administrative Division:  Bangladesh has eight administrative divisions such as Dhaka
Chattrogram, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal, Sylhet, Rangpur and Mymensingh

The number of city corporations: 12

Total District: 64

Total Upazila: 492 (changeable-know update)

Total Thana: 650 (changeable-know update)

Biggest division: Chattogram, (According to the area)

Smallest division: Mymensingh, (According to the area)

Biggest District: Rangamati: 6116 square km (According to the area)

Smallest District: Narayanganj: square km (According to the area)

The Northernmost District: Panchagar.

The Southernmost District: Cox’s Bazar

The Northernmost Place: Banglabandha.

The Easternmost District: Bandharbon

The Southernmost thana: Teknaff

The Northernmost thana: Tetulia

The Easternmost thana: Thanchi

Thickly populated district: Dhaka

Less populated District: Bandharbon

Biggest thana: Shamnagar, (Satkhira)

Smallest thana: Kotwali (Dhaka)

Total Boundary of the country: 5138 km

Land boundary: 4427 km

Water boundary: 711 km

The boundary with India: is 4156 km

The boundary with Myanmar: is 271 km

Total words in Dhaka City: 100

Sea-port: Three (Chattogram, Mongla, and Payra)

River-port: Dhaka, Chandpur, Narayangonj, Vairab, Barishal, Khulna, Sirajgong. Sharishabari, Baghabari, Ashugonj etc.

International airports: Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet, Tagorgoan, Sherpur, Rajshahi, and Barishal

Domestic airports: Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet, Jashore, Ishwardi, Comilla, Cox’s Bazar,

Total tribe: 13.4 lakh

Only coral island: Saint martin

Bangladesh: 94th (According to the area) in the world

The position of Bangladesh according to the population: 8th

UN’S member: 136th member.

The position of Bangladesh according to the population in the Muslim world: 4th


The National Flag and Map of Bangladesh


When was the National flag of Bangladesh first raised?

-2 March 1971

Where was the National flag first raised?

-In Dhaka University at a student gathering

Who first raised the National Flag?

-A.S.M. Abdur Rob.

Outside Bangladesh where was the National flag first raised?

-In the Pakistani High Commission at Kolkata.

What is the color of the National flag of Bangladesh?

-A red circle bestowed with deep green color.

Who is the designer of the flag?

-Kamrul Hasan.

What is the measure of the flag?

-10:6. The national flag of Bangladesh is similar to the national flag of Japan

What is the political sea area of Bangladesh?

-12 Nautical Miles. Economical sea-area-200 nautical miles (367km)

What is the length of Cox’s Bazar sea shore?


Battle Anthem of Bangladesh


What is the battle anthem of Bangladesh?

-Chal Chal Chal

Does our battle song belong to the poetry book?


Who is the composer of the battle song?

– Kazi Nazrul Islam.

When was this first published?

-Bangla 1335

How many lines are set with a musical instrument on any occasion?

-First 21 Lines

Who set this song to music?

-Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Which paper published the National song?

-“Shikha” (The song paper)

What was its first name?

– Gan

National Anthem of Bangladesh


Which one is our National anthem?

– Amar Sonar Bangla. Ami Tomay Valobasi

How many lines are in our National anthem?

-First ten lines

When was our National anthem first published?

-Bangla 1312.

Our National anthem was first published in-Bangadorsan Paper.

How many lines of our National anthem are played with musical instruments?

-4 lines (first)

What is the last line of our National Anthem?

-Ami Noyon Jole vasi.

Constitution of Bangladesh


What sort of constitution is the one of Bangladesh?

-Written constitution.

Is Bangladesh’s constitution easily changeable or difficult to change?

-Difficult to change.

When was Bangladesh’s constitution submitted to the council?

-12th October 1972

When was Bangladesh’s constitution was granted in Council?

-4th November 1972

When Bangladesh’s constitution was enacted?

-16th December 1972

What’s the constitutional name of Bangladesh?

-The people’s Republic of Bangladesh.

How many divisions of the constitution are there?


How many sections are there in the constitution?


According to the constitution, what should be the minimum age of the president?


According to the constitution, what should be the minimum age of the Prime Minister?


What should be the minimum age to be a minister?


What is the minimum age of a member of parliament according to the constitution?


When can a person give a vote according to the constitution?

-After the age of 18.

How many votes are required to amend the constitution?

-Two-thirds of the MPs.

What is the Higher Court of Bangladesh?

-Supreme Court.

How many Divisions of Supreme Court has & what?

-Two, (i) High Court Division (ii) Appellate

When “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” was inserted into the constitution?

-22nd April 1977

How many times was the constitution amended?

– 17 times

What type of state system is on the act in Bangladesh?

– Sovereignty of Republic.

Who selects the president?

-The members of Parliament.

How many times a man can be a president?

-Two times.

If the president wants to step down, to whom will he write a letter?

-To the speaker

In the absence of the president who takes the responsibility?


According to the constitution who is the chief of Bangladesh’s defense section?

– President.

The declaration of war is not possible except for whose concern?

-Concern of parliament

Who gives the appointment to the Attorney General?


What is the quoram of the parliament session?

-Presence of 60 members.

What is the minimum age of justice to stay in power?

-67 years.

How many votes are needed to amend the constitution?

Two-thirds of the members

National Matters or Materials of Bangladesh

What’s the National Symbol of Bangladesh?

-Water Lily (Shapla) surrounded by paddy ears floating on water

What’s the National Park of Bangladesh?

-Sohrawardi Uddan (Dhaka)

What’s the national Children’s park?

-Children park at Shahabag in Dhaka.

What’s the national mosque of Bangladesh?

-Baitul Mokarram Mosque.

Who is the national poet?

-Kazi Nazrul Islam.

What’s the national game of Bangladesh?


What’s the national Eid-Gha?

-Edgha field near High Court.

Where is the national memorial?

-Savar, Dhaka.

Hills and Mountains of Bangladesh

Which region of Bangladesh is covered by hills?

-North-East districts

What is the name of the largest hill in Bangladesh?

-Garo hill (at greater Mymensingh)

What is the name of the highest peak in Bangladesh?

-Tajin Dong (Bijoy)

Which district is the ‘Tajin Dong’ in?


What is the meaning of the Marma word ‘Tajin Dong’?

-Hill of a deep forest.

What is the height of “Tajin Dong”?

-3185 Feet.

Which one is the second-highest peak?


Where is the Keocradong?


Where is Chimbuk hill?

-Bandarban (3rd highest peak)


What is the largest delta-Island-forest?


Which organization included Sundarban in World Heritage?


Which one is the largest island in Bangladesh?


What is the other name of vola district?

-Shahbazpur Island.

Where is ‘Nizhum Island’?

-In the Bay of Bengal.

Which forest is a collection of uncountable Islands?


Which Island has a lighthouse?


Which one is the only hilly Island of Bangladesh?


Which one is the only sea-born coral Island?

-Saint Martin.

Where is ‘Elephant point?

-Cox’s Bazar



Which one is the largest sea-shore in the world?

-Cox’s Bazar Sea-Shore.

What is an area of Cox’s Bazar Sea-Shore?

-120 Kilometer

Which beach from sunset and sunrise can be seen?


What is the area of Kuakata beach?

-18 km

First in Bangladesh

Who is the first president of Bangladesh?

-Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman.

Who is the first Acting president?

-Syed Nazrul Islam (17 April, ’71 to 12 January 1972)

Who was the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh?

-Tajuddin Ahmed (17 April to 12 January 72

Who was the first Vice-President of Bangladesh?

-Syed Nazrul Islam

Who was the first foreign minister of Bangladesh?

-A.H.M. Kamruzzaman.

Who was the first home minister of Bangladesh?

-Captain M. Munsur Ali.

Who was the first lady Prime minister in Bangladesh?

-Begum Khaleda Zia

Who was the first Lady opposition leader?

-Sheikh Hasina.

Who was the first Chief Justice of Bangladesh?

–  Justice A.S.M. Sayem

When was the first sitting of parliament held?

10 April 1972

Who was the first speaker of the parliament?

-Speaker Shah Abdul Hamid.

Who was the first Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University?

-Sir. P.J. Hartz.

At first who raised the national flag?

A.S.M. Abdur Rob.

By which country Bangladesh was recognized first?


When was the currency of Bangladesh innovated?

-4 March 1972

Who was the first governor of Bangladesh Bank?

-A.N. Hamidullah.

Which Prime Minister visited Bangladesh first?

-Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandi.

The first Commercial ship of Bangladesh?

-Banglar Dut.

The name of the first Bangla film is– Mukh-O-Mukhos.

In which Olympics did Bangladesh participate for the first time?

-In 1984, Los Angles Olympic

Where was the first satellite center of Bangladesh established?

-Bethbunia, Ranghamati

In which World Cup Cricket did Bangladesh participate for the first time

-1999, England.

When did Bangladesh participate in the test match?

-10 November 2000.

Which is the first drama of “Ekushee’?

-Kabor. (Munir Chowdhury)

Which is the first Novel of Ekushee?

-Arek Falgun (Zahir Rayhan)

By which Arabian Country was Bangladesh first recognized?


In Bangladesh first test tube baby was born on

-29 May, 2001

What is the name of first test tube baby?

-Hira, Moni & Mukta

Largest & Smallest of Bangladesh


Which is the largest District?

-Ranghamati, Area 6116 Squar K.M.

Which is the largest Embankment of Bangladesh?

-Kaptai Embankment.

Which is the largest seaport in Bangladesh?

– Chattogram Sea port.

Which is the largest power plant in Bangladesh?

-Veramara power plant, Kustia.

Which is the largest Stadium in Bangladesh?

-Mirpur, no.2 National Stadium

Which is the largest Cinema Hall in Bangladesh?

– Monihar (Jashore)

Which is the largest Memorial of Bangladesh?

– National Memorial.

Which is the largest Temple in Bangladesh?

– Dhakeshori Temple

Which is the largest Cultural Research Centre in Bangladesh?

– Bangla Academy.

Which is the largest Division of Bangladesh?

– Chattogram Division

Which is the largest City of Bangladesh?

-Dhaka city

Which is the largest Jamee Mosque in Bangladesh?

-Baytul Mukarram Jame Mosque.

Which is the largest Railway Station in Bangladesh?

– Kamlapur Railway Station

Which is the largest paper mill in Bangladesh?

– Khulna Newsprint mill

Which is the largest Gas Field in Bangladesh?

– Bakhorabad (Comilla)

Which is the largest Sugar mill in Bangladesh?

– Cara & co, Darshona (Kushtia)

Which is the largest Fertilizer Factory in Bangladesh?

-Jamuna Fertilizer Factory.

Which is the largest Museum in Bangladesh?

– National Museum, Shabag, Dhaka.

Which is the largest garden in Bangladesh?

–  Ramna Garden.

Which is the largest five-star Hotel in Bangladesh?

– Hotel Rupashi Bangla

Rivers in Bangladesh

How many rivers with branches are in Bangladesh at present?


On which river India built up the Faracca embankment?

-The Gonga.

Bangladesh & Mayanmer divided by which river?

-The Naf.

Which is the main river port in Bangladesh?


What was the previous name of the Jamuna?


The Padma is a branch of – Ganga

What is the mane of the only artificial lake in Bangladesh?

– Capital Lake (Karnafuli)

On which river’s outlet is Nizhum Island situated?

-Outlet of Meghna.

For producing electricity on which river has a dam been built?

-The Karnafuli.

On which river is the China-Bangladesh Moitre bridge no-1 situated/built?

– Buriganga

In which river found two colored water currents continuously?

– The Dhalessari.

Where has the Naf emerged from?

– Arakan Mountain.

What was the previous name of the Buriganga?

The Dolai river.

Mongla port is situated on the bank of which river?

The possur.

Where have most of the rivers of Bangladesh emerged from?


Agricultural Resource of Bangladesh


What is the total land of Bangladesh?

3 crore 66 lakh 70 thousand acre.

What is the total cultivated land of Bangladesh?

.25 acre (25%) or 0.8 hector.

Which district is known as a crops store?

Barisal district.

What are the main cash crops of Bangladesh?


What is the position of Bangladesh among the jute-producing countries?

– 2nd.

What is called the “Golden Fibre”?


Which is the highest Jute producing district?


Which is the 2nd Cash crop – Bangladesh?


What is the position of Bangladesh among the tea-exporting Countries in an international market?


Which is the highest tea-producing district? -Moulavibazar District.

What is the amount of land for the cultivation of rice?

-28,517 thousand acres.

What is the position of Bangladesh among the rice-producing countries?


Which is the highest rice-producing district of Bangladesh?

-Mymensingh District.

Where is the Rice Research Institute situated?

Jaydebpur (Gazipur)

What is the abbreviation of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute?


Which place is suitable for Rubber cultivation?

-Ramu at Cox’s Bazar.

Forest Resource of Bangladesh


What is the requirement of a forest to keep the good condition of the country?


Which is the largest forest area in Bangladesh?


What is the name of the Mangrove or Goran forest of Bangladesh?


Sundarban is situated in which part of Bangladesh?

The southern part of Bangladesh.

How many districts are attached to Sundarban?

5 districts (Bagarhat, Satkhira, Khulna,
Patuakhali and Borguna).

In Bangladesh where do mangroves grow?

Sundarban & Cox’s Bazar’s coastal land.

Who is the writer of the ‘Brikha’ book?

– Dr. Kamal Shiddikhi

‘The trees have breath’ at first who proved it?

– Scientist sir Jagodish Chandra Basu.

Which area of Sundarban is called “Fearlessness Forest”?

– Hiron Point, Katka & Alko Iland.

What is Napier?

One kind of grass

Where is the Voual Gar situated?

Gazipur & Tangail District.

Which trees are available in Sundarban?


Mineral Resources of Bangladesh


In Bangladesh when was the first gas field invented?

-in 1955.

Where are the Titas & Bakhrabad gas field situated?

-Titas at Brahmanbaria and Bakhrabad at Comilla

Which are the main mineral resources of Bangladesh?

– gas

Which is the largest gas field in respect of reserve?

Chatok Gas field

Which is the last invented gas field?

-Vangura (Comilla)

From where is gas supplied to Dhaka?

From Titas gas field.

Which is the only oil field in Bangladesh?

-Haripur at Sylhet District.

Where are atomic mineral resources available?

-Teknaf sea beach of Cox’s Bazar

Which is the largest coal field in Bangladesh?

– Dighipara in Nowabgonj Thana.

Which are the main fuels of Bangladesh?

-Coal, Petrol, and Natural Gas

Which is the raw material used for making salt?


Which is the main element of Natural gas?


Where has urenium been found in Bangladesh?

Kulaura in Sylhet.

National Parliament Bhaban and Parliament

Where is the National Parliament Bhaban?

-Sher-e-Bangla Nagar

On how many acres of land the National Parliament Bhaban is built?

-215 Acres.

When was the building of the national Parliament Bhaban Started?


Who is the architect of parliament Bhaban?

Professor Lui-I-Kan, an architect of the USA.

How many storeys are there in Parliament Bhaban?

– 9

What is the number of seats for the members of parliament in the House of Nations?

– 350.

How many seats are there in the house of Nation for the guests?


How many seats are for the Journalists?


How many seats are there for the executives?


How many seats are there for the audience?


When was the house of Nations inaugurated?

28th February, 1982

Who inaugurated the house of the Nation?

-Formerly President Abdus Satter.

What is the symbol of the Parliament?


What are the numbers of elected seats of the parliament?


What is the reserved seat of parliament for women?


What is the duration of Parliament?

5 years

What is called a parliament in English?

-House of the Nation

Who invites the assembly of the Parliament?


What is the interval time from one assembly to another one?

-60 days

What is the present Govt. system in Bangladesh?

-Parliamentary system.

Where is situated the crescent lake?

near the National Parliament.

What is “casting vote”?

-Vote of the Speaker.

What does the whip do in Parliament?

-To maintain the peace.

What is ‘Floor crossing’?

-To cast vote for the opposition.

When is the regular meeting of the minister held?

-Every Monday of the week.

What are called the laws declared by the President?

– Indemnity.

Which Parliament had the short duration?

6 parliament (only 13 days)

Architect & Architecture of Bangladesh


Who is the founder of Baitul Mocarrom Mosque?

-Abul Hossain Md. Thariani

Who is the architect of the national memorial?

-Moinul Hossain

What is the name of the sculptor whose artistry was exhibited at the Seol Olympics in 1988?

Who is an internationally famous Bangladeshi architect?

Fazlur Rahman Khan

Who was the sculptor of “Stapes” that took place in the Seol Olympic Park?

Hamiduzzaman Khan.

Which architecture is known as ‘Sammillito Proyas’?

Savar National Smriti Memorial.

Who is the architect of Mishuk?

-Hamiduzzaman Khan

How many pillars are of National Memorial?

Seven (7)

What is the altitude of the National Memorial?

150 feet.

Who is the architect of central Sahid Minar?

Hamidur Rahman.


Where the sculpture ‘Songsoptok’ is situated?

Jahangirnagar University.

Who is the architect of the National Museum?

Mostufa Kamal.

Who is the architect of the national children’s park and Botanical garden?

Samsul Wares.

Who is the architect of the national parliament building and M.P. hostel?

Professor Lui I Can.

Who is the sculptor of Aparajoy Bangla?

Abudallah Khald.

Who is the sculptor of ‘Soparjito Sadhinata’?

Shamim Sikdar

When was the foundation of the national memorial founded?

on December, 1972


Who established the foundation of the national memorial?

Late president Bangobondhu Sheikh Mojibur Rahman.

When was the sculpture ‘Soparjito Sadhinota’ inaugurated?

25 March, 1989.

How many Bangladesh labour worked in the construction of Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge?

Four thousand.

What amount of money did Bangladesh supply for Jamuna Bridge’s construction?

$ 96m.


Which position Jamuna Bridge occupied in south Asia?

– 1st



What is the total number of tribal people in Bangladesh?

About 14 lakh.

What is the rate of tribal people in the total population?


Which tribal people are the largest in number among all tribes?


Where does the Garo live?

Rangamiti and Khagrachari.

Where does the Saotal live?

Rajshahi and Dinajpur.

Where does Rakhain tribe mainly live?


Where does Marma live?

Cox’s Bazar.

Where does hazong live?

Mymensingh and Netrokona.

Where does Rajbongshi live?


Which tribes live in Bogra?

Garo, Hazong, Hodi and Dalui

What are the names of the God of Saotal?

Sute, marang, Bezgar.

What is the name of the God of Murong?


Where does Myrong live?

In deep forest of Bandarhab

Where does the Tripura live?

Rangamati and Ramgor.

Where does Khasia tribe live?


What is the meaning of Chakma?


What is the religion of Chakma?


Which tribe is Muslim?


Which tribal make marries elder female?


Which date is homeland return day of Bangabandu?

-10 January.

When is Mass revolt day observed?

24 January.

When is population day observed?

2 February.

Which day is Agar tale conspiracy withdrawal day?

22 February

When Diabetes day is observed?

28 February

Which day is national flag uphold day?

2 March

When did Bangabandhu deliver the call of freedom in Rescourse Maidan?

7 March 1971.

Which day is known as black day?

25 March

When is Shabid Asad day observed?

20 January

When is ‘National child day observed?

17 March

When were the six points demand announced & where?

6 February 1966, at Lahore.

When is National Immunization day observed?

8 December.

Which is the Independent day of Bangladesh?

26 March.

When was Mujib Nagar day observed?

17 April.

When is ‘Palashi day’ observed?

23 June.

When is ‘National Mourning day’ observed?

15 August.

When is the Mourning day of Dhaka University observed?

15 October.

When is ‘Shahid Nur Hossain day’ observed?

10 November.

When is Armed force day observed?

21 November.

When is Murder of Jail day observed?

3 November.

When is Autocracy defeat day observed?

6 December.

When is ‘Shahid Buddhijibi day’ observed?

14 December.


When is the victory day observed in Bangladesh?

16 December.

Shahid day’ is observed on which day?

21 February

When is National day observed in Bangladesh?

26 march.

Why is 26 March called Independence day?

On this day in 1971, the name Bangladesh has been
created and the people of Bangladesh started freedom fighting against Pakistan.


Language, Culture of Bangladesh


Who is known as “Moromi poet”?

Hason Raza.

Who is called the “Samrat of song’ of Bangladesh?

Alauddin Kha

Which is the first drama broadcast in Bangladesh Betar?

Khat Thokra.


What is the ancient song of Bangla?


Which is the famous international Bangla film?

Pother pachali.

Zahir Raihan is the producer of which famous film?

Stop Genocide.

Who is the writer of Dewana Modina?

Monshur Bayati.


Vawaia’ is the song of which area?



Chatka’ is the song of which area?



Who is the Bowl Samrat?

Lalon Fakir.

Who is the writer of ‘Thakurmar Jhuli?

Dhakhina Ranzon Mitra Mozumdar.

Who is Monshur Bayati?

A famous gatha poet of Mymensingh.


Who has collected ‘Mymensingh Gitika’?

Dr. Dinesh Chandra Shen.

What’s Khanar Bochan?

The Agricultural Advices of Shrimoti Khana.

Which cinema has been written on the basis of life style of Lalon Fakir?

Ochin Pakhi.

Who is the designer of ‘Muktir gan?

Layer Levin.

Who wrote “Amar Vaier Rokte Rangano Ekushay February”?

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury.


Who is the composer of the music “Amar Vaier Rokte Rangano Ekushey February?

Abdul Latif.

Combat Shangit song is included in which poetry of Nazrul Islam?


Who is the international reputation Artist of Bangladesh?

Jaynul Abedin

What is the first film of Bangladesh?

Mukh & Mukhus.

Which play was staged at first in Bangladesh?

Baki Etihas


Bank & Currency of Bangladesh


Who is the present governor of Bangladesh Bank?

Dr. Fazla Kobir.


Which is the Largest nationalized Commercial Bank in Bangladesh?

Sonali Bank.

When was started the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh?

in 1983.

Who is the founder of Grameen Bank?

Dr. Mohammad Yunus.

When was the Islamic Bank Ltd Bill was passed by National Sangsad?

26 April 1998.


The notes of 500 Tk. are brought from.?


Who is the pioneer of Insurance in Bangladesh?

Shuda Box.

Where is the security printing press of Bangladesh?


When was the Security Printing Press Established?

in 1989.

Which is the first printed note of the security printing press?

10 (ten) Taka note.

When did Commercial Banks come under govt. Control?

In 1972


Which Bank has given the authority for the introduction of notes in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Bank

How many Islamic banks are in Bangladesh?

7 (Seven) Banks


✔ Which is the first foreign Commercial Bank in Bangladesh?

Arab Bangladesh Bank (AB Bank)


✔ Which is the note first introduced in Bangladesh?

1 Tk and 100 Tk notes.


✔ Which is not a Banknote?

1 Tk, 2 Tk and 5 Tk notes.


What is the name 1 & 2 Tk notes?

Legal tender


✔ Which is the latest note that has been introduced in the market?

1000 Tk notes


Who signs in 1 & 2 taka note?

Secretary of Economy.


Foreign Exchange of Bangladesh


With which country of SAARC has Bangladesh no Commercial relationship?



✔  From which country does Bangladesh import more among the countries of SAARC?



✔ Do maximum foreign earnings come from?

Ready-made Garments.


✔ With which country has Bangladesh no commercial and

diplomatic relationship?


– Israel


✔ Where are the Garments products exported?

U.S.A and Europe.


✔ Which is the highest-valued note in Bangladesh?

1000 Tk. note.


✔ What are the causes of inflation?

Supply of product over demand.


✔ What is the main reason behind inflation?

Supply of money increases but national production reduces


How can protect against inflation within a short time?

– Control over the supply of money


Achievement of Membership in Bangladesh



Bangladesh achieved membership in the United Nation?

17 September 1974


When did Bangladesh achieve membership in the Commonwealth?

18 April 1972


When did Bangladesh achieve membership of OIC?

in 1974

When did Bangladesh achieve the membership of IMF?

10 may, 1972,


When did Bangladesh achieve membership in UNESCO?

19 October 1972

When did Bangladesh achieve membership of ILO?

22 June, 1972

When did Bangladesh achieve membership in UNCTAD?

20 May, 1972


When did Bangladesh achieve membership in WTO?

1 January, 1995.


Historical Places of Bangladesh


What was the previous name of Dhaka?



Where is Barandra Vumi situated?

North-west Bengal (North Bengal)

Where is Mohastangor situated?


Mohastangor was the capital city of -Pundra.

Which is the most ancient town/city of Bangladesh?

Pundra Bardhon.


Where is the Bozra Shahi mosque situated?


Begumgonj in Noakhali

When was the Sath Gombus mowque of Dhaka established?

7 B.C

Who is the founder of Sath Gombus Mosque?

Shayasta Khan.

What is the previous name of Sonargaon?

Suborno Gram

Where is the historical Sonargaon situated?

Narayangonj district.


According to whom Sonargaon was named?

According to the name of Esha Khan’s wife Sonabiby.

What is the name of the tourist who traveled Sonargaon in 1345?

Eibna Botuta

When did Sonargaon become the capital city of Bangladesh?

Age of Mugol

Eibna Botuta was an inhabitant of-Morocco

What was the previous name of Noakhali?


What is the previous name of the Mymensingh district?


Where is the famous Shatgombuz mosque situated?


What was the previous name of Comilla?


What was the previous name of Barisal?

Chandra Dip


What was the previous name of Sylhet?


Where is the grave of Bayazid Bostami situated?



Where is the famous Lalbag fort situated?


Who completed the construction of the Lalbag Fort?


Shayesta Khan

Whose beautiful grave is situated inside Lalbag Fort?

Daughter of Shayestakhan Poribiby.

What is the original name of poribiby?


Iran Dukth.

What was the original name of Lalbag Fort?

Fort of Aourangobad

Where is the grave of Hazrat Shahjalal situated?



Who shifted the capital from Rajmohall to Dhaka?

Sultan Islam Khan

Where is the Shalban Bihar situated?


In which district is Maynamoti situated?

Comilla district


How many times was Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh before independence?

3 times

Which is the oldest mosque of Dhaka before Mughal reign?

Mosque of Binitobiby

Where is Uttara Gonobhabon situated?



Whose dwelling house is called Bangobhabon?

Governmental dwelling house of president

What is the previous name of Jamalpur district?


Which area of Bangladesh is known as the land of 360 saints?

Sylhet area

Where is the grave of Bangabondhu Sheikh Mojibur Rahman situated?

Tungipara (Gopalgonj)

Where is the grave of Ziaur Rahman located?

Chandrima garden

Where is the grave of A.G. Osmany located?

Near the grave of Shah Jalal


Museum of Bangladesh


Which is the first museum of Bangladesh?

Barendra Museum


When was Borendra Museum established?

10 December, 1910

Where is Borendra Museum Situated?



What is the present name of Dhaka Museum?


National Museum

Where is the national museum situated?


Shahbag in Dhaka

What is the historical museum of Dhaka?

Ahsan Monzil

Where is Ahsam Monzil?


sadarghat in old Dhaka

Where is Bangobandhu Museum situated?

32 no road at Dhanmondi in Dhaka

Where is Zia memorium museum situated?



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