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The Padma Bridge paragraph describes the bridge’s history, construction, and aftereffects. Padma Bridge represents Bangladesh’s future. It will have an impact on the country’s future advancements. This Padma Bridge diagram will provide you with a quick overview of the Padma bridge. The Padma Bridge paragraph describes the bridge’s history, construction, and aftereffects.

The Padma Bridge Paragraph For SSC, Hsc, Honours Student


The Padma Bridge Paragraph


The Padma Bridge is one of the dream projects in Bangladesh. It is a multipurpose road and rail bridge over the Padma River. The length of the Padma Bridge is 6.15 kilometers and its width is 18.18 meters. It has 41 spans. It has connected Louhajong. Munshiganj to Shariatpur and Madaripur, linking the south-west of the country to the northern and eastern regions. The bridge is considered to be the most challenging construction project in the history of Bangladesh, China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Company Limited was given the task to construct the bridge, but everything was under the direct supervision of the Bangladesh Army. Construction work started on 7 December 2014 with the expectation of completing by June 2022. And finally, on the 25th of June of 2022 the dream project, Padma Bridge was inaugurated by honorable Sheikh Hasina, the honorable Prime minister of Bangladesh. The bridge was opened on the 25th of June, 2022.

The whole project cost is estimated to be US$ 3.868 billion (including VAT and IT). It was a very challenging task for the government because the World Bank canceled its credit agreement. Other donors also followed the World Bank. Yet our courageous Prime Minister did not lose heart. The government had come up with its own funding. The bridge will connect the south-west part of the country with the capital and the eastern part. As a result, regional cooperation and communication will be improved. The Padma Bridge will bring a radical change in industrial development. Medical and educational facilities will be easier to access. The Padma Bridge is estimated to increase the GDP of the country by more than 1 percent. It will benefit about 3 crore people across 21 south-western districts of Bangladesh. Thus, it will play an important role in the economy of our country. The bridge will also enhance the prestige and dignity of the country.


Padma Bridge Paragraph For Jsc Student

The Padma multipurpose bridge is the longest bridge in Bangladesh. It is the biggest dream project implemented by Bangladesh without any foreign aid. The bridge has been constructed with concrete and steel. The length of the Padma bridge is 6.15 kilometers and the width is 16.10 meters. The bridge connecting mawa in munshiganj district to Jajira in shariyatpur has two layers. It has a four-lane road at the top and a railway in the bottom. The Padma bridge is used for rail, gas, power lines, and fiber obtic cable expansion. The bridge was made by a company called ECOM. The bridge serves more than 30 million people 29% of Bangladesh. The bridge took 30,000 crore taka. Although the world bank and donors decided to withdraw due to the allegations of corruption. Bangladesh didn’t back down the government decided to build the bridge on its own fund. This bridge is like a dream come true for the people of Bangladesh.

Padma Bridge paragraph for classes 5,6,7

Padma Bridge is a multipurpose bridge project in Bangladesh that spans the drought-prone Padma River. The Padma Bridge was launched on June 25, 2022 by the Honorable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. The country’s largest megaproject was totally self-financed, with no outside assistance. Its current cost is 30 thousand crores after different adjustments. The bridge’s construction began on December 7, 2014. China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company Limited built it. Local and foreign artisans are working on various aspects of the project. Laujong is on Munshiganj’s east bank, and Shariatpur and Madaripur are on its west bank. This bridge has a total length of 6,150 meters and a width of 18.18 meters.

The inauguration of this bridge has directly connected 19 districts in the southwestern region with the eastern portion of the country, including Dhaka, and the majority of the districts will be connected after the railway is completed. Padma Bridge is critical to Bangladesh’s economic development and to raise the living standards of billions of people. Furthermore, this bridge will be one of the most interesting and historical landmarks in the world, as well as the key to a prosperous economy. With the completion of the Padma Bridge, Bangladesh entered a new era. Most importantly, the Padma Bridge will be a shining symbol of the people of Bangladesh’s hope, trust, commitment, and faith.


Padma Bridge paragraph – 250 words

Padma Bridge will be the longest bridge in Bangladesh on June 25, 2022. It is an incredible achievement of technical talent built on Bangladesh’s flowing Padma River. This bridge connects Bangladesh’s southwest and northeastern regions. The largest project in post-independence Bangladesh has created new opportunities. The main bridge measures 6.15 kilometers in length and 18.18 meters in width. This bridge has two levels; the vehicles will presently be on the upper level, and the train will run once the construction on the lower level is completed. The bridge is constructed of concrete and steel.A 12 km connection road has been built on both sides of the bridge under the supervision of the Bangladesh Army, BUET, and Korea Expressway Corporation and Associates.

The Padma Bridge Rail Link Project will include the building of 14 new stations as well as the development and expansion of 6 existing stations. Dhaka, Gandaria, Bhanga, Kashiani, Rupdia, and Singhia are also infrastructure development stations. The main bridge has 40 pillars, 40 of which are in the river and two on either side of the river. A total of 240 piles are installed in 6 of the river’s 40 pillars. Furthermore, there are 12 piles on both sides of the link bridge, for a total of 24 piles. Padma Bridge will be golden in color because gold absorbs less heat from the sun. China Major Bridge Engineering Company Limited completed the main bridge. The economy will pick up steam. After overcoming numerous obstacles, the dream of a Bengali using his own money is finally becoming a reality. Everyone hopes that this bridge will help to improve the country’s economy and people’s living conditions.

The Padma Bridge Paragraph For All Student

The longest bridge in Bangladesh is the Padmamul-
tipurpose bridge. This dream Padma Bridge is the
biggest project implemented by Bangladesh with-
out any foreign aid. It is the largest project in
the country and will be the longest bridge in the
country- after construction. The length of the main bridge is 6.15 k-m and the width is 16.10m. The bri-dge connecting Macsa in Munshiganj district to Ja-jina and Shariatpur district has two layers. It has
2 railway a four-lane road at the top and a
bottom The Padma bridge will be used for rail
gas, power lines and fiber optic cable expension
in the future. The complete desgine of the Padma
multiporpose bridge was formed by a team of
at the international and national consultants led by ECOM. A company called China Major bridge, a subsidiary of China Railway Group limited. has been contra-cted to build the bridge Construction began on December 6. 2014, and by November 2020. 92% of the bridge was completed.

According to China m-ajon bridge Engineering company. the contractor constructing the padma bridge. This bridge will be ready for traffic by April 2022. The project will

directly benifit more than 30 million people (44.000 sq km which is 29% of the total area of Bangladesh). Completion of this bridge at a cost of over Tk. 30,000 crore will make a significant contribution to the social, economic and industrial development of the southem part of Bangladesh. Everyone conce-Immed is hoping that the construction work of the bridge will be completed within the stipulated time.



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