Write to him/her what you want to do and see with him/her during the vacation.

Suppose, your school is closing soon for the summer vacation. Now, write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to spend the vacation with you at your village home.


Write to him/her about what you want to do and see with him/her during the vacation.



22 April 2016

My dear Parvez

Hope you are well by the grace of Allah. I received your letter this morning. From your letter, I have come to know that your school is going to be closed for the summer vacation.

Our school is also closed for the same purpose. During the summer vacation, I would like to visit a village home. You are most welcome to go with me to the village home in order to pass the summer. You should come to our present residence by 25 May to join us.

We shall do many interesting things after going to our village home. We shall go to the riverside, pluck fruits from trees and swim in ponds. Apart from these, we shall enjoy jarigan, bullock race and what not. All these things will be more enjoyable for you. I hope you will join me and spend the summer vacation with me at my village home.

Love to everybody in your family.

Yours ever


* Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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