Write a letter to your friend describing the sports day of your College.

Imagine, you are Rana/Rani of 25 BK Road, Khulna. The annual sports of your college have recently been held. You were one of the participants and became the champion. 




Now, write a letter to your friend, Mishu who lives at KN Avenue, Bogra, describing the sports day of your College. 


25. BK Road


22 February 2016

My dear Mishu

I received your letter a few days ago. Today I will write to you about the last annual sports of our college. It was held on last 18 February on our college playground. Earlier, we had decorated the college premises with colourful flags and festoons. We had also erected a nice stage. We had made sufficient sitting arrangement for the spectators . Our UNO (Upazila Nirbahi Officer) was the chief guest on this occasion.



At 8 am, the UNO and our Principal hoisted our national flag and the sports flag. Then they set pigeons of peace free. After this, an excellent march past took place. The chief guest and our Principal received salutes from the sportsmen. Then the chief guest declared the sports open. The competitors took the of sports.

After this, the actual sports started. The most important events of the sports were 200-metre race, 400-meter race, javelin throw, discus throw, long jump, high jump, cycle race (slow and fast), pillow fight, tug of war, ‘Dress as you like’, etc. About 200 students participated in all events. When the events were going on, the guests and all spectators were enjoying them very much. At times, they were clapping their hands. I took part in three events and got the first prizes in all the events. I also became champion on that day, At about 12 a.m. the events were over. Then the Principal and the chief guest delivered their valuable speeches and thanked all the participants. Next, they, distributed prizes among the winners. The winners also got certificates of proficiency. The fourth successful competitor of each event got only a certificate. I got three prizes and three certificates. It was a very happy day for all the students. I enjoyed the day very much.

No more today. Please convey my best regards to my uncle and aunt, and my love to Anni.

Yours ever


“Draw an envelope and write full addresses of the writer and the addressee.


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