Write a letter to your friend giving some information about computer.


Suppose, one of your friends is going to start computer classes very soon in his school. Write a letter to your friend giving some information about computers.


15 Railway Road


09 April 2016

Dear Mamun

I am very delighted to receive your letter. You have informed me that you are going to start a computer

classes in your school very soon.

Undoubtedly it is a great scope. The modern era is totally dependent on computers. So, we should have skills in computers. I am giving you a primary idea of a computer. The main components of a computer are CPU, Monitor, Key-board, Mouse, etc. CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. CPU is like a rectangular box. The monitor is like a TV box where the commanded letters or commands

are viewed. A mouse is a mouse-shaped part added to a computer by a cable. Through it, the operator can select the type of functions that he intends to do by a computer.

I hope you will do better on the computer. Let me know about your progress.



* Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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