write a letter to your friend telling him about the journey.

Imagine, you are Shanta/Shanto of 13 Karokola, Bagerhat. Recently you have made a river journey/ a boat journey. 


Now, write a letter to your friend, Mojnu who lives in Dhaka telling him about the journey.


13 Karokola, Bagerhat

05 April 2016

Dear Mojnu

I hope, you are well. I am also fine. I made an interesting river cruise the day before yesterday. Now, I am telling you about it.

The occasion was the marriage ceremony of one of my friends. We and our relatives were invited to the ceremony. We had to go to his house by boat. We started our journey from Mongla. On the way, we enjoyed the conspicuous natural scenery of both sides of the river. We were enjoying ourselves singing in chorus. We reached our friend’s home after the sunset. We, fortunately, enjoyed the scene of the setting sun. While setting, the sun looked very attractive. Its reflection on the water was very attractive. So, apart from enjoying the wedding, the journey doubled our excitement.

Our journey was very enjoyable. I wish you were with me. Whatever, give my best regards to your parents.

Your loving friend


* Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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