write a letter to your friend about the threat of climate change that the costal area people of Bangladesh experience

 Suppose, you are Neela residing in 5/1 Boro Mirjapur Khulna and your pen friend, Julie lives in Pertshire, Scotland. 


Now write a letter to your friend about the threat of climate change that the coastal area people of Bangladesh experience.


5/1 Boro Mirjapur, Khulna

11 September 2016

Dear Julie

Take my love at first. I hope that you are well. Now I am going to tell you about the threat of climate change the coastal area people of Bangladesh are undergoing.

Preliminary studies in the past few years have yielded scenarios of Bangladesh’s probable vulnerability to climate change. Due to global warming, a huge amount of polar ice is melting every moment. As a result, a rise in the sea level is noticed. If this goes on, the sea level will rise to such a  level that will leave a disastrous impact on the coastal people all around the world. People living in the coastal regions of Bangladesh will also fall victim to it severely. It is estimated that almost 40% of the coastal area will go under saline water. Different types of natural disasters like floods, cyclones, storms, earthquakes, etc. will happen more frequently. Thus, different diseases will affect people too. To avoid this horrible situation, people around the world should be concerned environment being polluted because it is the root cause of climate change protecting ours.

No more today. Take care.

Yours ever


*Draw an envelope and write full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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