write a letter to him/her informing the procedures of opening a bank account

Suppose, you are Amin of 120 Tutpara, Khulna. Your younger brother/sister Rahim/Ruma of Plot-27, Mongla, Bagerhat wants to open a bank account to deposit his/her scholarship money. 


Now, write a letter to him/her informing the procedures of opening a bank account.


120 Tutpara


20 January 2016

My dear Rahim



Your letter is just to hand. In your letter, you have written that you have received the first installment of your scholarship money and you want to open a bank account to deposit the money. Now, I am

informing you of the procedures for opening a bank account. At first, you have to go to a bank and talk to its manager for opening a bank account. Then, ask for his suggestion. I think you should open a student account. The manager will give you an application form and tell you to fill in that form. You have to attach two passport-size photographs along with the photocopy of your national ID card with it. You must find an introducer who has an account with that bank. The introducer will have to put his signature, and write his account number and

address in the relevant part of the application form and on the photographs. You will have to select a person from your family or friends as the nominee of the account. You will attack his/her photographs and national ID card as well. Then, the manager will give you a signature card. You have to put your specimen signatures on that card.

After this, you will ask him for your account number and he will give you the number. Finally, you have to deposit some money in your account. And that is all you have to do to open a bank account.

Hope you are well. Convey my best regards to father and mother and love to Soma. No more today. Write to me soon.

Your loving brother


* Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee

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