write a letter to him advising him to be sincere and attentive to his studies.

Suppose, you are Anik. Your younger brother, Abir is not sincere in his studies. As a result, he cannot make a good result. You want to make him aware of it. 


Now, write a letter to him advising him to be sincere and attentive to his studies.


Mirpur-11, Dhaka

August 05, 2016

Dear Abir

I received your mother’s letter and came to know that you have failed almost all subjects in your Half Yearly Exam. I have become greatly shocked at it. We have a high expectations of you, but you have greatly disappointed us. I’m sure that you keep bad company and waste your time. Remember, tüme once gone can never be got back and bad habits once formed are not easy to give up. I like to remind you that we belong to a middle-class family. We have to stand on our own feet but it is not possible without proper education. Student life is the proper time to get a proper education. So, you must be sincere (as) and attentive to your studies. You must learn the value of time and give up your irregularity. At the same time, you must give up bad company. I hope you will understand my words and lead your life accordingly.

No more today. With the best regard to you.

Your brother


*Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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