Write a letter to your friend telling him about your hostel life

Suppose, recently, you have started boarding at your college hostel. Your mother who lives at your village home is very anxious to learn about your hostel life. 


Now, write to her highlighting how you are in your hostel.


Room no 10

MM College Hostel

PC Road, Mymensingh

22 March 2016

Dear Mother

I hope you are well. What about father? I am very happy with my present hostel life. Sometimes, I feel lonely. But here, my friends and teachers are so dear to me. I don’t feel disturbed at all about food and relaxation . So, don’t worry about me. Along with three friends, I live in a room. It is very neat and clean. Our dining system is very satisfactory . Our hostel super is very conscious of discipline, food, and cleanliness. We take part in games and sports and have fresh air in the open field of the hostel premises . So, don’t worry about me. I am trying my best for making a good result.

With love to you and father. How is Shirin and Shumi? Write to me soon.

Your loving daughter


* Draw an envelope and write full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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