A letter to your friend describing your experience of train journey

Imagine, you are Sumon/Sumona of Mymensingh Road, Dhaka. A few days ago you made a train journey from Mymensingh to Dhaka. 


Now write a letter to your Non-Bangladeshi friend Donn who lives at Derriford Road, Plymouth PLGBPH, the UK describing your experience about a train journey.

House No. 15

Mymensingh Road




12 January 2016

My Dear Donn

I hope you are well with your family. Today I will give you a description of a train journey which I made a few days ago.

My train journey was from Mymensingh to Dhaka. I had booked my ticket beforehand from Mymensingh Railway Station. It was an inter-city train. I got into the train at 7:15 am. At 7:30 am our train blew whistle and left the platform. As I sat beside the window, I enjoyed greenary outside. I was especially delighted seeing the scenic beauty of my country. It seemed to me that I was watching a “sea of green”. I also saw farmers working in the field, cowboys busy with their goats and cows. I also enjoyed the mild jerking of the train.

Whenever the train stopped at a station, the picture became quite different. Passengers were getting into and getting down. Everywhere was the din and bustle of passengers, hawkers and porters. The duration of my train journey was three hours. However, it was an enjoyable journey. I will never forget my first train journey.

I would like to stop here. Please write to me whenever you can manage your time. You are always welcome to


Yours ever


* Draw an envelope and write full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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