write a letter to your friend describing the foods and food habits in Bangladesh

 Imagine, you are Isam/Isha of 2 Shyamoli Road, Dhaka 1207. You have a pen-friend. Zeson who lives at 9  Derriford Road, Plymouth PLG 8 BH, UK. He wants to know about Bangladeshi food. 


Now, write a letter to your friend describing the foods and food habits in Bangladesh.


2 Shyamoli Road, Dhaka-1207


2 September 2016

Dear Zesan

I received your letter the day before yesterday. In your letter, you’ve wanted to know about the foods and food habits in Bangladesh. I’m writing to you about them in short. The food habit of the people of one country differs from that of other countries. The Bangladeshis have some special food habits. Usually, we take three meals a day- breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rice is our staple food. We are fond of fishes and ‘Hilsa’ is the favourite of all fishes. Traditionally, we are called the nation of fish and rice’. Chicken, beef and mutton are also our favourite dishes. People commonly eat rice with vegetables, fish or meat curry and pulses. On occasions, we like to have khichuri, polao and biryani etc. Tea is the most popular drink in our country. We like to have seasonal fruits. Our favourite fruits come in thousands of varieties but jackfruits, mangoes and bananas are the most popular. Besides, the Bangladeshis are fond of different kinds of ‘pithas’ and ‘payesh.’ Pithas like ‘patisapta’, ‘bhanpa’, ‘chitai’ are some of the most favourite ones. They are made on different occasions. 

No more today. Please write to me soon about the food and food habits in the UK.

Lovingly yours

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