write a letter to your friend advising him/her to give up smoking.

 Suppose, you are Nasim/Nasima of 50 Kazalshah, Sylhet-3100. You have a best friend named Salam/Salma who lives at 30 Pallabi, Ali Para, Sunamgonj-3070. S/he is a chain smoker. You know that smoking is a bad habit and it causes many fatal illnesses.


Now, write a letter to your friend advising him/her to give up smoking.


50 Kazalshah


07 January 2016

My dear Salam

Hope you are well by the grace of Allah. Recently, from a reliable source, I have come to know that

you have developed the habit of smoking. I am shocked to hear this. Smoking is surely dangerous for your health. A chain smoker can never do anything properly and becomes a slave to the addiction. It will lead you to various problems. A puff of a cigarette is full of poisonous elements that are very harmful to both your mental and physical health. So, I request you to give up smoking as soon as possible. Please be serious and give it up. I pray to Allah that He may help you to get rid of this bad habit.

No more today. Tender my best compliments to your parents and affection to the younger.

Your loving friend


* Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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