Is Windows 11 better than Windows 10 now?

Since Windows 11 came out, many Windows fans have been unhappy with it. But because they haven’t used it, many people are saying bad things about Windows 11. Windows 10 upgrade This operating system for Windows 11 is. Windows 11 does a lot more and has a lot more features than Windows 10. In this post, we’ll talk about some of Windows 11’s best features that make it better than Windows 10.


Productivity-First design

People use Windows for both works and play. But Windows 10 was a lot more “fun-oriented,” while Microsoft tried to make Windows 10 “work environment optimized.” To put it simply, Windows 11K was made with use in the business world in mind.

Even though Windows 10 has bright colors and nice animations, Windows 11 puts more emphasis on the “focus” of the work. Windows 11 is the best choice for people who use computers for work. Windows 11 was carefully made to help people get the focus they need at work.

Settings menu

This list includes Windows 11’s settings menu because it’s so cool. The Windows 11 sidebar navigation system is built into the Settings menu, and a new navigation system has been added to the top of the screen. This makes it easy to move a “level” before or after the Settings menu. Each subsection has its own summary screen and graphical element. In the Network & Internet section, for example, you can see how much you use the Internet and which network you are connected to.

Again, drop-down menus, buttons, and carat menus make it much easier and more fun to move around in the settings menu. Also, almost every menu and submenu has a clear name, which makes it easy to find any setting. With Windows 11’s settings panel, you don’t need Control Panel as much as you used to.

Action Center

The Action Center on a computer is like the notification panel on a smartphone’s Quick Settings. All of the controls you need for Windows are in this action center. If your Windows device has a touchscreen, you can have more fun with Action Center.

The “out of the box” experience

The way Windows 11 works right out of the box is very impressive. First of all, the way Windows 11 starts up gives you your first look at its look and feel. Again, the Phone Link app in Windows 11 makes it easy to stay in touch with the phone. If you set up Windows 11 correctly, it can be easier to use than Windows 10.

New “Media Player”

The majority of Windows 11 native applications have seen cosmetic but not literal modifications. Windows Media Player K has been overhauled, though. Media Player, with the exception of Groove Music, has been optimized for music and video playing. Added equalizer functionality. This may not be an ahamari feature, but the benefit of natively viewing the majority of media files is highly noteworthy

Snap view

Even though it doesn’t sound like a big deal, Windows 11 users will find the Snap feature useful. You could snap windows to the grid in Windows 10, but you had to use a shortcut key to do it. But Windows 11 makes it easier to use this feature.
When you move the mouse pointer over a window’s fullscreen icon, you can see a few snap view previews from which you can choose. People who work a lot with multiple windows in Windows will find this feature very useful.

Android apps

People have been using emulators to run Android apps on Windows computers for a long time. But in the end, Android apps can run natively on Windows 11 with the Windows subsystem for Linux. Even though most users may not need this feature, there is no doubt that the huge library of Android apps and games will add another layer to Windows 11.

DirectStorage and AutoHDR

Windows 11 has made a lot of changes to make it better for gamers. The first is DirectStorage, which will make the time it takes to load a game shorter. There is also Auto HDR, which will eventually allow Windows computers to simulate HDR visuals. Since HDR monitors are becoming more common, this feature will be useful.

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