write a letter to your friend describing the picnic

 Imagine, you are Arif/Arifa of 7 Mirzaganj, Patuakhali. Recently you went on a picnic to Kuakata.


Now write a letter to your friend Salam/Salma who lives in Sylhet describing the picnic.


Mirzaganj, Patuakhali

27 February 2016

My dear Salam

At first, take my cordial love. Hope that you are fine. In your last letter, you wanted to know about the picnic that I enjoyed last week. Now I am giving you a description of my picnic. I, along with some of my friends, went to a picnic at our local club. We went to Kuakata. This is really a nice picnic spot. The natural scenery of the place is beyond description. Kuakata is well known for its panoramic sea beach. There are many coconut trees and also various kinds of birds. The place always buzzes with the chirping of the migratory winter birds. Kuakata is an excellent combination of picturesque natural beauty along with evergreen forests and sandy beaches. This is a place from where both sun-rise and sunset can be seen. Here, I also witnessed the setting of the sun. Really it’s a thrilling experience. Many of us played different kinds of games and had a lot of fun. Really, it was a very enjoyable and interesting picnic for me. I will remember this picnic for many days.

No more today. Convey my salaam to your parents and love to your youngers.

Yours ever


* Draw an envelope and write the full addresses of the writer and the addressee.

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