Reasons Why Did Facebook Disabled My Account


Disabling a Facebook account has become a well-known issue. Many Facebook users do not understand why their accounts have been disabled. Facebook Community Standard plays a key role in this. In this post, we will know some possible reasons for disabling Facebook ID. Find out the reasons for disabling your Facebook account below and be aware of these to protect your Facebook account from being disabled.

Problem with account name

If you use a name on Facebook that is not a fake font or a person’s name, the account can be disabled. So always use a common writing name on Facebook. The rules for changing the name of Facebook ID are very simple. So you can change the name if you want.

In addition, the Facebook account can be disabled in the name of a person using the words cute, smart, angel, etc. If you open a Facebook account in the name of an organization, Facebook can close it. Instead of creating an account in the name of an organization, use a Facebook page.

Use of fake identities

The real identity should always be used on Facebook. If you need to verify the identity of the account at any time, you can unlock the locked account by providing any of your documents. If you open a Facebook account with fake information, you will not have any documents related to it. Then you can no longer save the account.

Excessive posting

Facebook may disable additional or unusual posts on your profile, page, or group on Facebook. Facebook often warns to ensure that content is not filled unnecessarily. Ignoring this warning can lead to unintended consequences such as account disabling.

Post inappropriate content

Posting unauthorized content on Facebook can disable a Facebook account without notice. The types of content that Facebook deems inappropriate are:

  • Nudity or sexually explicit material
  • Hate speech, threats, or offensive posts to a specific person or group
  • Content that demonstrates self-harm or violence against others

Sharing links to websites that Facebook does not support can also cause IDs to be disabled. If you send the content mentioned in the messenger or post it on Facebook, the ID is likely to be disabled.

Join additional groups

At the same time, joining many Facebook groups can be verified as Facebook spamming. Even if you like many pages within a certain period of time, your Facebook account may be blocked. So refrain from joining the group or liking the page at an unusual rate.

An unusual amount of extra likes/comments/shares

Did you know that excessive use of Facebook can disable your Facebook account? As a result of more likes, comments, or shares than usual on Facebook, Facebook is the first to issue a warning. Even then, if the user continues to use Facebook in the same way, the ID may become disabled.

Use of VPN

Using VPN using Facebook is a bit risky. As VPN usage changes location, so does Facebook. And since it is not possible for a person to change location very quickly, many times when using Facebook using a VPN, Facebook considers it a hacking attempt.

For this reason, most of the time users face verification or challenge while using Facebook using a VPN. If this happens and the user cannot answer the Facebook question correctly, the user may lose control of the account.

Repeatedly share the same link

Repeatedly sharing a link can disable a Facebook account. Basically, Facebook takes measures to prevent any kind of spam.

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