SSC Exam Routine 2022 PDF Download – All Education Boards

SSC Exam Routine 2022 PDF Download

Download the SSC Routine 2022 in PDF format from the whole Board of Education. As a student pursuing a Secondary School Certificate, you must look for SSC Routine 2022 on the internet. The new SSC Exam Routine 2022, as well as the new SSC Submission Routine 2022, have been issued by the Bangladesh Board of Education, which can be accessed here. SSC Routine PDF file of the Board of Education is available on the website, which is maintained by the Ministry of Education. As a result, you may get SSC as well as its comparable submission method from the BD Board Results website.

However, The Bangladesh Board of Education has released a notice on the test schedule, which states that the SSC examination would begin on June 19, 2022. A total of more than 21 lakh students from all around the country will take part in the examination. The test will be conducted till the 6th of July, 2022. The practical exam will be conducted on the 5th of March after the completion of the written test.

SSC Exam Routine 2022

The SSC and similar exams will be run by eleven education boards, including the new Mymensingh board. But the general board, the madrasa board, and the technical board all do different things. So, you can download the General Board SSC Exam Routine, the Madrasa Board Submission Routine, and the Bangladesh Technical Education Board SSC Vocational Routine.

SSC routine’s important date

The test will begin on June 19, 2022.
Exam End Date: July 6, 2022

Duration of SSC examination: 3.00 hours

SSC Exam Routine 2022 PDF

All education boards have the same routines and schedules. So, get any general board routine and learn it. We know that the SSC exam schedule is very important for anyone taking the exam. Now, the time to wait is up. You already know what to do. As it does every year, the exam will start with the Bangla subject.

SSC Exam Routine 2022

We’ve added the SSC image version file and the PDF version file to the list above. You can get the file in any format you want. You can use it later if you save it to your device.


SSC Exam Routine

Circular for filling SSC form 2022

In February 2022, there was a notice about how to fill out an SSC form. From March to March 2022, you can fill out the form online. The notice is posted on each board of education’s website for their own institutions and schools. You can get more information about SSC Registration 2022 from the notice below, which you can also save as a PDF.

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC), which is given out by the Board of Education of Bangladesh, is what this term stands for. When they finish the 10th grade, every student will have to take the SSC exam. Every year, more than 20 million students take the tests. We hope you find the SSC schedule helpful. If anything changes, we’ll let you know here. So, we suggest you stop worrying and study well for the test.


Because of the Covid-19 virus, the SSC exam in 2022 will be held according to health rules. This year, only SSC and similar tests will be given because of the Corona situation. In each case, the rules about health will be followed. Candidates will sit on benches in the shape of the English letter “Z” in the exam room. Everyone in the center, including the people being tested and the teachers, has to wear masks. At the front door, there will be hand sanitizer. Students, parents, and others will be kept at a social distance.
In the test center, you can’t bring a cell phone or any other kind of electronic device. Also, make sure to follow all of the instructions for the test schedule and admission. It will take 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the test. No time will pass between the MCQ test and the CQ test. The general scientific calculator can be used. It is not possible to use the programming calculator.

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