Ways to increase wifi speed | wifi speed increase Tips 2022

 With the spread of broadband internet in our country, the use of WiFi has increased tremendously. However, there is no end to the frustration with the speed of this WiFi. Most of the time the cause of the problem of internet speed is related to the internet service provider but many times due to their own mistake the correct speed is not available. In this post, you will learn about some effective rules for speeding up WiFi.

Remember that you can try to get maximum speed according to your subscription plan by following the rules mentioned in this post. But it is not possible to increase the speed beyond the internet speed limit of your subscription plan. This means that if your internet package is 10 Mbps, then following the following strategies will not miraculously be 15 Mbps.


Change the position of the router

Due to the location of the router most of the time the appropriate WiFi speed is not available. The range will depend on where the WiFi router is. The router should always be kept in a place from where the signal can be easily reached everywhere. If there is a router behind the wall or behind the furniture, the WiFi signal is interrupted. So keep the router in the open.

Just keeping your router in the right place and connecting can cause some problems, but it is very important to ensure the best speed and range of internet. Always try to keep the router on a flat surface. Keep the router away from devices that use electromagnetic waves, such as a wireless mouse or keyboard, microwave, etc. Also, when buying a router, make sure the perimeter of the router fits your needs.

Change channel

WiFi signals are divided into channel formats. The router connects devices connected to specific channels. If a router in or near your home uses the same channel, signal interruptions can cause speed issues. You can easily fix this problem by changing the channels.

These settings may vary depending on the router. With the help of Internet or your router manual, you can easily change the router’s channel from the router’s admin panel. Channels 1, 8 and 11 work best when multiple devices are connected, so you can use these three channels to get better speeds.

Many routers today use dual-band antenna technology, which can transmit signals at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. If your router supports this technology, you can separate useful connections by creating two networks from the same router.

Discard unused devices

If multiple devices are connected to the same WiFi network at the same time, it is normal to have problems with internet speed. So disconnect unnecessary devices from WiFi, and you can get better speed. You can set different internet speeds for each device as needed.

Suppose you are doing official work and a member of your family is watching funny videos on Facebook, then if you want to get better speed during your work, you can reduce the speed of that Facebook user.

Check the computer

we have already learned to get good internet speed on the computer using Ethernet. However, computers may be responsible for the slow speed of the Internet. Unknowingly using data in the background on a connected computer can result in slow internet speeds.

To check if an app is using the internet in the background on the computer or if Windows is taking updates. You can disconnect your computer to see if the problem is actually disrupting the Internet or your computer’s Internet speed.

Restart the router

You’ve heard this advice many times on the Internet or from Internet providers. This suggestion may not work, which is a complete misconception. Restarting the router refreshes the activity of the router, which eliminates some problems with restarting. You also need to restart the router regularly to keep the router working. Most routers have features of automatic restart scheduling.

Contact an internet provider

If your internet speed is still not right after following all the suggestions mentioned above, contact your internet service provider. Internet providers can solve any problem related to your internet speed.

So if you do not get any benefit from following any of the mentioned methods, you can contact ISP or internet service provider and let them know that your problem is solved.

Change the router

A router is an electronic device that can be damaged over time. If your router is too old, it can cause a variety of problems, such as slowing down the Internet. After following all the tips above, if your internet speed is not right, then your router can be the root cause of the problem. In that case, you may decide to change the router.

Alternatives to WiFi: Use an Ethernet cable

If your computer doesn’t have enough WiFi speed, you can use an Ethernet cable directly. Wired Ethernet connections have higher speeds than wireless. Devices that require additional Internet access, such as gaming consoles, desktop PCs, or streaming boxes, will gain better speed by providing an Internet connection via an Ethernet cable.

Since no signal is lost in the middle of the Ethernet connection, using the Ethernet connection will get the maximum internet speed on the computer. However, if you use the Ethernet cable directly, there is a risk of damage to the PC due to lightning. So it is better not to run net directly from cable to PC.

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