How to Rank Your Youtube Video in Google Search: A Comprehensive Guide



If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video, you probably know that not all are created equal. Some have millions of views, and some have gone viral, while others have been slammed by experts for being ‘sham videos’. In other words, some videos have succeeded in grabbing the attention of a target audience, while others have failed in doing so.


Apart from being entertaining, successful videos can also help your business grow. For example, if you run a beauty tutorial channel, uploading videos on how to do your daily makeup routine can help you grow your audience and build trust with potential subscribers. However, there’s a huge difference between a successful and unsuccessful video.



Many of these videos will only succeed if they are properly optimized for search. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about ranking videos in Google Search.


What is Google Search?

Google Search is the primary way that people find answers to their questions, or simply the information they are looking for. Google’s algorithm determines which search results will appear first, second, or even at all. Google uses artificial intelligence to collect information about websites and their content, categorize it, and rank it accordingly.



If you want your website or a video to be considered as a part of that search engine’s algorithm, then you’ll need to optimize your content for search. Google says that 58% of people use their search engine every day. This means that it is extremely important for you to rank your website in Google’s search results.

How to Rank Your Youtube Video in Google



The first thing you will need to do is optimize your video for SEO. The best way to achieve that is by following these steps:


  • Add a descriptionBoth your video title and description will appear below the video in the search engine’s results. A great description will help your video rank better and create more trust with your viewers. For example, you can use a quote from one of your videos or explain in detail what your video’s main theme is.


  • Add keywordsKeywords are important because they help people find your content when they look for certain information. If you don’t include the right keywords in your video descriptions, your video will be buried in Google’s results.
  • Add tags – Tags are used by Google to categorize your content. If your video is about business or marketing, it will help if you categorize it with relevant keywords. You can also add your location’s keywords, such as, “Denver SEO Services,”.
  • Add social media share buttons – This is by far the best way to drive traffic from social media platforms to your website. The more people who share your video, the more it will rank on Google.

Discover the Keywords That will Increase

your Video’s SEO


You’ve probably heard that you should use long-tail keywords when optimizing your content. In other words, you should focus on keywords that are relevant to your niche, and not on broad keywords that have a low demand for your product or service.



To help you get started with keyword research, we’ve prepared a list of the most relevant keywords for your niche. You can also use this list to brainstorm new keywords that you can add to your content. Here are the most popular keywords for Youtube videos:

  • How to
  • How to do
  • How to make
  • How to use
  • How to get
  • How to cook
  • How to make money
  • How to find a job
  • How to lose weight
  • How to earn money
  • How to build your brand
  • How to start a business

Make Sure that your Video is Original

Although it’s okay to use the keywords we’ve mentioned above, you can’t plagiarize your content. You have to come up with your own ideas.



To avoid being accused of plagiarism and being removed from Google, you need to make sure that your videos are original. You have to write all of your own content, and you also have to do your own research.

Add a Description to your Video

Your description is the main part of your video, so you can’t leave it out. If you want your video to rank in Google, you have to include a description. You can also use your description to add keywords.

Create an Effective Title that Will Catch

Google’s Eye

Your title is one of the most important things when it comes to SEO. This is because it appears just below your video in the search engine’s results. When people search for a certain topic, one of the first things they’ll see is your video title.

Final Words: How to Rank Your Youtube

Video in Google Search

You might be wondering how you can rank your videos on Google, especially if you’ve never done it before. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it seems. All you have to do is follow the 3 SEO steps we’ve mentioned above, and you will be well on your way to ranking your videos.



By following these 3 SEO steps, you will be able to rank your Youtube videos in Google Search. We hope you find these steps useful, and we wish you the best of luck ranking your videos on Google.

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