The Person I Like Most Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph

 In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn The Person I Like Most ParagraphI think You love this paragraph.





Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “The person you like most.

(a) Who is the person?

(b) How old is he/she?

 (c) How does he/she look? 

(d) What sort of a person is he/she? 

(e) Why do you like him/her? 

 (f) What are the things you like about him/her most? 


The Person I Like Most Paragraph For SSC /HSC 


The person I like most is a teacher by profession. He is an ideal and iconic figure to me. His name js. Reza Khan. He teaches at a renowned educational institution in our city He teaches at a reputed school in Chattogram city. He is about 50 years old. Though he is old enough, he looks very young: He is fair looking, tall, and handsome. He is very smart in his activities and at first sight, he attracts everybody. He is a man of personality. He is honest and religious. Through his personality, he can attract people and his students. He is also a hard worker. I like him because- he is a good teacher. His teaching method is very fine and effective. He makes his subject easy for the students. If anyone fails to understand anything, he tries to make them understand again and again. He never feels bored. He always encourages us about our studies. If anyone falls into any other trouble, he also tries to help him. In fact, he is like a friend to us. Another thing that I like about him most is that his behavior is good and he always tries to keep good terms with others. He is also meritorious and industrious.


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