A Fisherman / Or, The Life of a Fisherman Paragraph For SSC /HSC

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn A Fisherman or The Life of a Fisherman ParagraphI think You love this paragraph.





Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “The Life of a fisherman”

(a) Who is a fisherman? 

 (b) Where does he live? 

 (c) Where does he catch fish? 

 (d) Why do they work in groups? 

 (e) How does he pass his days? 

 (f) How does he maintain/support his family? 

 (g) Why can’t he overcome his poor condition? 

(h) What is his contribution to the economy of the country?



A Fisherman / Or, The Life of a Fisherman Paragraph For SSC /HSC 


A fisherman is a person who lives by catching and selling fish, Our seas, rivers, lakes, haors, bells, and canals are full of different kinds of fish. The fishermen catch fish in these waters. He uses nets to catch fish. Some fishermen have boats with big nets. They employ some fishermen to work for them. on a daily wage basis. Fishermen living near the sea are brave and industrious. The members of a fisherman’s family help him by making nets, repairing them and drying, and in some cases selling the fish. Most of the fishermen are poor. They can ‘hardly save any money after meeting their daily needs. When there is a scarcity of fish, they pass through bad days. If they can catch à lot of fish, they. become very happy. They are contributing a lot to the development of the national economy. Besides, they help to earn foreign currency by exporting fish abroad. The government should give them loans to buy nets and boats. They should also form fishermen’s cooperative societies to safeguard their interėst.


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