Students and Social Service Paragraph – Simple English Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph on ‘Students and Social Service’ based on the answers to the following questions.


(a) How can the students help alleviate illiteracy? 

(b) How can the students contribute to family planning programmes? 

(c) What should be possible roles of students in eradicating drug addiction? 

(d) How can the students help in disaster management activities? 

(e) How can students prove themselves worthy?


Students and Social Service Paragraph For SSC HSC 


The principal duty of a student is to study. But as a member of society, he can never avoid the enormous problems of society. Illiteracy is one of the major problems of our country. A large number of people, both men, and women do not know how to read and write. The students can participate in educating these people. Government and NGOS can appoint students in illiteracy alleviation centers. Students can take part in the campaign for family planning. They can help the government and the NGOS to raise awareness among people to encourage them to keep the family small. Students can contribute to removing drug addiction. They can build up libraries, science clubs, and gymnasiums in villages. They can encourage young learners to be involved in such institutions. Thus, they can keep themselves free from doing unsocial activities. The students can also take part in disaster management activities. In times of natural calamities, they can help the affected people and help the government and the NGOS in serving the distressed people. A student of today will become a dutiful citizen in the future. If the students are involved in social services in their student life, they will be able to prove themselves worthy of the country in their later life.

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