Self-Employment Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph on ‘Seif-Emplovment’ based on the answers to the following questions.


(a) What do you understand by self-employment? 

(b) What effects can self-employment have on a country like Bangladesh? 

(c) Describe the importance of self-employment. 

(d) Is the atmosphere of Bangladesh suitable for self-employment? 

(e) What are some of the self-employment schemes?


Self-Employment Paragraph For SSC and Students 


Self-employment means the condition in which an individual is engaged in monetary activities on his own without seeking employment from others. In a country like Bangladesh where poverty and unemployment go hand in hand, self-employment can be a proper step towards the solution of unemployment and alleviation of poverty. It can bring about a change in the fate of a nation. Self-employment always teaches a man to stand upon his own feet on earth. Hence this habit should be formed in childhood. Its importance in individual and national life cannot be ignored. There is a vital role of self-employment in our country. She is now under tremendous pressure from unemployment and overpopulation. No government can provide employment to all the unemployed youths. Self-employment may be the only reasonable way to solve the problem of únemployment. We must remember that an ounce of work is heavier than that of a ton of talks. The atmosphere of our country for self-employment is not so congenial. The poor and illiterate poor find it difficult to start a business of their own. Though the government and NGOS have come up with many self-employment schemes, they are not enough to eradicate the unemployment problem. Self-employment schemes like cattle-raising, poultry farming, fishing, carpentry, pottery, rice-husking, weaving. and other handicrafts, etc are being taken. Màny people have become self-reliant by starting such businesses taking soft loans through micro-credit systems from various banks and NGOS. This needs to be encouraged and the rural people must be trained through various vocational courses to increase self-employment among them.


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