Price Spiral Or The Recent Price Hike Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on ‘Price Hike’.


(a) What is a price hike? 

(b) What are the reasons for it? 

(c) What is its impact of it on society? 

(d) Who are the sufferers of it? 

(e) What can be the remedies?




Price Hike Paragraph For HSC 


A price hike is a rise in the prices of essential commodities. It is a widely discussed issue in the price market all over the world including Bangladesh. Price hike occurs when the prices of goods increase due to supply-side constraints. It also occurs as a result of an increase in prices in the world. The hike or spiral in essential commodities usually occurs where there is a huge demand for a particular commodity. But it is a regular phenomenon in the country. Prices of essentials continue to gain almost every day. The impacts of the price hike are manifold. The poor and underprivileged people are the worst victims. They find it difficult to pass their days affording food to the family members due. to the raging price hike. The constant rise in price contributes to the manifold problems of the poor. The country’s economy faces a meltdown. for the reason. What we need to do at first is to control the price hike of essential. For that, we must check the syndicated groups of businessmen who mainly increase the prices of commodities. The government must. take effective steps to grow more food. Food security must be ensured. Dependency on foreign loans at an exorbitant rate of interest must be decreased. 



Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “Price Spiral” /”The Recent Price Hike”


(a) What is a price spiral/hike? 

 (b) What are the reasons for it? 

 (c) Why don’t the dishonest businessmen supply the necessary commodities in time? 

(d) What is its impact of it on society?

(e) Who are the sufferers of it?

(f) What can be the remedies? 



Price Spiral  Or The Recent Price Hike Paragraph For SSC / HSC 


When prices of daily necessaries rise and go beyond the purchasing capacity of common people, it is called a price hike. The price hike is a serious bane in the economy of Bangladesh. The vast majority of the consumers are hard hit by the recent hike in prices of the daily necessaries. The price hike is caused by a short supply of commodities and inflation. The price hike that results from a short supply of commodities is temporary. The prices come down if their supply is enhanced. But the price-hike caused by inflation cannot be controlled by easy efforts. Whatever may be the cause, price-hike brings unbearable sufferings to the people. They have to go without many things that are necessary to lead a normal life. The poorer sections of the people are the worst sufferers. Price-hike leads to widespread corruption and moral degradation.

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