Physical Exercise Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn Physical Exercise ParagraphI think You love this paragraph.





Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on Physical Exercise

(a) What is physical exercise? 

 (b) Why is it essential? 

 (c) What may happen if one does not take regular physical exercise? 



Physical Exercise Paragraph For SSC /HSC Students 


Physical exercise is the regular movement of the limbs of the body according to some definite rules and regulations to keep in good health, sound body and sound mind are required. Physical exercise keeps our bodies fit. As a proverb. says, a sound body is a sound mind. So physical exercise gives us both physical and mental fitness. It strengthens our muscles and helps in digestion and blood circulation. It also energizes our brain and heart. The human body is just like a machine. It weakens and gets a number of health häzards for want of exercise, just as a machine gets rust for want of regular and proper use. A man who is not in good health is always in pangs and pains. Life is a burden to him and everything loses appeal to him. Happiness, mirth, and merriment absent themselves from his life. Again, over-exercise is not conducive to health at all, rather it is harmful. So everybody should take physical exercise regularly following adequate rüles and regulations.


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