Paragraph On Television – Short and Simple English Paragraph

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Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on Television

(a) What is a television and when was it invented? 

 (b) How does television work?

 (c) What is its influence on our life? 

 (d) What is its negative effect? 


Television Paragraph For SSC /HSC 


Modern civilization without télevision cannot almost be thought of. Invented by Beyard in 1926; television is the system of sending and receiving pictures and sounds over a distance by radio waves. A television set has a screen, several keys with round or flat knobs to on, off, control volume and adjust the contrast of light and dark. An antenna is connected to the set by wire. By means of electric power, photographed pictures are turned into electric waves which are held by the antenna and sent to the screen by several devices. We can enjoy audiovisual perförmances such as news, speeches, songs, sports, dramas, etc. on television. It also works as a medium of public information and mass. education. Alongside numerous merits, television has some demerits, too. Some people sit idly before the TV screen and waste time. Offensive programmers spoil the sense of morality and cause deterioration of humanity. But television itself is not responsible for the demerits. Rather, it is a man who abuses it. Finally, television, with all its merits and demerits, has become an indispensable part of modern civilization.

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