The Role of Media Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

In this short and easy paragraph, You will learn The Role of Media paragraphsI think You love this paragraph.






Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on The Role of Media

(a) What is called media? 

(b) How many kinds of media do you know?

(c) What roles do the radio, television, magazine, and paper play as media?

(d) How do they influence social and political life? 

(e) Why are they necessary for the development of our country?



The Role of Media Paragraph For SSC /Hsc 


The way through which different types of news or message are sent to the mass is called media. It is also the way to get news about the things that are happening around us. They also entertain our life. There are many kinds of media in our country, such as radio, television, paper, etc. The radio plays an important role in our life. TV is the most important mode of entertainment for all classes and all ages of people. We can see the educative programme. Newspaper is so of great use to us. We get all sorts of information in newspapers. Media can play a very important role in social and political life. They give us news about politics, economics, culture, literature, games and sports of the whole world. Sometimes media represent the facts before us. Thus they influence social and political life. They are very necessary for the development of our country.


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