International Women’s Day Paragraph – Short and Simple English Paragraph Writing

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Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on International Women’s Day

(a) Which day is observed as the “International Women’s Day?” 

(b) Is there any disparity between men and women?

 (c) Are the women having their rights? 

 (d) How are women treated? 

(e) What is the significance of the day? 


International Women’s Day Paragraph For 




March 8 is the International Women’s Day. This special day speaks of emancipation of women, protection of their rights, and upliftment of their position in society, Women were, in the pąst, and are still being deprived of their rights to education, employment, participation in administration, and freedom of speech, although the scenario has changed to a great extent. They were thought to be born to do the household chores only. They still have to purchase the love of their husbänds for a handsome dowry. Life often becomes too heavy a burden for them to bear and they commit suicide. Iń these circumstances sõme women groups. around the globe raised their voice and established International Women’s Day. On this day meetings, seminars, processions, and demonstrations are held to second, women’s struggle for achieving their rights. The day is a time to focus on progress made; to celebrate the acts of bravery and determination by ordinary women, and to call for change. To conclude, if we speak of women’s rights by lip service only and do not work for the promotion of women’s lot, the day will lose all its significance.



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