Paragraph On A Wedding Ceremony I Have Attended – short paragraph

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Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “A Wedding Ceremony You Have Attended”

(a) Whose wedding ceremony was it? 

(b) Where did it take place? 

(c) How was the place decorated?

(d) How many guests attended there? 

(e) How were the guests entertained?


Paragraph On A Wedding Ceremony I Have Attended For SSC /HSC 


The wedding ceremony is always an occasion of pleasure and happiness. I have recently attended a wedding ceremony. It was my cousin’s wedding. It took place at “Lakeview Community Centre” located at Dhanmondi in Dhaka. The centre was decorated gorgeously with many colourful papers and bright twinkling lights. There was a huge gate at the entrance of the community centre. The whole community centre took a festive look with the decoration. The sitting arrangement was also very attractive. There were many tables and chairs arranged properly for the guests. The formalities of the marriage were performed earlier in a pleasant environment. About 500 (five hundred) guests from both families attended the function to bless the newly married couple. They were entertained with rich food items. Because of the gathering of all the guests, the ‘environment around the centre became lively: I was given the. responsibility to take snaps. I performed it véry well with so much excitement. I took some special snaps of the new couple. They looked superb in their attire. However, after a lot of fun the ceremony came to an end and all, the guests began to go back to their houses wishing a very happy conjugal life to the bride and the bridegroom. I also returned home with a feeling of great joy and excitement.


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