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Write a paragraph answering the following questions, Your answer should give as much detail as possible 


(a) What is the internet? 

(b) How does it work? 

(c) What is the importance of it? 

(d) Why is it widespread? 

(e) Why are many people of Bangladesh deprived of the benefit of it?


Internet Paragraph For HSC students 



Internet is the latest médium of communication. This is a speedy transmitting system of information with the help of computer and computer networks. Internet is now regarded as a milestone of the modern world of communication. To get a computer connected to the internet, a modem and a telephone connection are needed. The telephone cable is connected with a modem and the modem remains connected with the computer. Data is transferred and received through this modem. The importance of the internet is great, In the internet, there are millions of smaller domestic, academic, business, and government networks and websites, which together carry many different kinds of information and services. It helps us communicate with the people of other parts of the world. It is a quick and easy medium of communication. The Internet has brought new opportunities to government, education, and business. Now, one can get admitted into a foreign university and achieve a higher degree through the internet. Moreover, knowledge about internet and computers is a must to get a good job. Many people earn a lot doing freelancing through the internet. Thus, it is getting widespread. Currently, the necessity of the internet in Bangladesh is very demanding. It is a matter of great regret that the internet has not reached throughout the country as yet. So, people are being deprived of the benefit of the internet. The internet providers are not getting enough opportunities and options from the government either. In order to flourish the communication system, the authority must take proper steps to better internet facilities; otherwise, our country will always lag behind.

Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on the Internet

(a) What is Internet? 

 (b) What is required to get an Internet connection? 

 (c) How many types of Internęt are there? 

 (d) How does Intérnet get connected?

 (e), What is the usefulness of the Internet? 


Internet Paragraph For SSC / HSC 


Internet is the latest invention of sciençe. It is an international networking system through the cyber process. This is a speedy system of transmitting information with the help of computers and the telephone. One just clicks on the icon of browsing software and gets the information one looks for. A modern telephone line and particular software are required to get Internet connectivity. As a telephone, the Internet works through its own number. There are two types of Internet, namely. on-line Internet and off-line Internet. It usually gets connections from three networking systems namely LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), and WAN (World Wide Area Network). The importance of the Internet is, in fact, beyond description. It has conquered time and space and made the world smaller. It has brought the vast expanse of knowledge within our reach. Moreover, it has got its importance in the field of trade’ and commerce, medical treatment, entertainment, and so on. Still, there is left scope for saying something about the negative side of the Internet. Pornography, alongside less obscene and immoral things, is displayed through it. People are. often deceived in the namé of lottery and so on. Of course, all these negativities are avoidable. Finally, it may not be a magnification if the Internet is compared to the magic lamp of Aladin.


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