International Mother Language Day Paragraph For All Class Student

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Imagine that you know about International Mother Language Day. Read the questions and write a paragraph by answering them.


(a) Which day is observed as International Mother Language Day? 

(b) What is the historical background of the day? 

(c) When did the day get international recognition? 

(d) Why is the day observed? 

(e) What do the people do on the day?



The International Mother Language Day Paragraph For HSC 



The 21st of February is a red-letter day in our history. It is our Shaheed Dibash. Now, the day is observed internationally as International Mother Language Day. In 1948, the then Pakistani rulers declared that only Urdu would be the state language of Pakistan. But our students protested that unjust decision. They claimed Bangla to be the state language. On the 21st February in 1952, students along with the general people brought out a procession. Police fired into the procession and some people died on the spot and many were injured. At last, the Pakistani rulers declared Bangla to be one of the state languages of Pakistan. Many years later, on November 17, 1999, UNESCO declared the day as the International Mother Language Day. The day is observed throughout the world to respect one’s mother tongue. In Bangladesh, we observe the day with great importance to show respect to our language martyrs as well as our mother tongue. On the day, our people generally wake up early in the morning. They put on black badges and walk to Shaheed Minar barefooted singing the mourning song of the day. They offer flowers and wreaths at the foot of the Shaheed Minar. Meetings, seminars, and cultural programmes are arranged across the country. People visit the graveyards ‘of the language martyrs and pray for the salvation of their departed souls.


#2 Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on The International Mother language Day

(a) What do you mean by International Mother Language Day? 

(b) What is the historical background of the day? 

(c) Why should we celebrate the day?

(d) What is the significance of the day? 


International Mother Language Day Paragraph For SSC  


21″ February is the International Mother Language Day. It was proclaimed by UNESCO. This day has a bloody background. It was 1952. The then Pakistani government had planned that Urdu would be the only state language of Pakistan. But Bangla was the mother tongue of 56% of the Pakistani citizens. Although the Bengalees protested, the plan, the government declared Urdu as the only state language. The. protest finally reached the more violent stage. The government declared section-144 to stop the movement. But our valourous students violated it and brought out a procession. Near Dhaka Medical College Hospital, the police fired upon the protesting crowd. Salam, Barkat, Rafique, and some other students died on the spot, and the situation became more violent. At last, the government was compelled to declare Bangla, along with Urdu, as a state language. The Central Shaheed Minar was built on the place where the students were shot dead. Every year the day is observed solemnly. People decorate the Shaheed Minar with flowers and show respect to the martyred souls. Seminars and cultural functions are held: Special TV and radio programmes are arranged. People also pray to the Creator for the salvation of the martyrs. In the year 1999 UNESCO declared 21 February as the International Mother Language Day. This day is now observed all over the world.


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