Higher Education in Bangladesh Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph answering the following questions. Your answer should give as much detail as possible.


(a) What is higher education?

 (b) What are the categories of higher education? 

(c) How many public universities, private universities, and colleges are there in Bangladesh?

(d) What are the features of public universities? 

(e) Why cannot many students get higher education from public universities? 

(f) How can this problem be solved?


Higher Education in Bangladesh Paragraph For SSC / HSC 


The education which is offered usually in the universities is called higher education. It is also known as tertiary education. In Bangladesh, there are two categories of educational institutions which offer higher education: the public and private universities, and degree colleges affiliated with the National University (NU). At present, there are 37 public universities while there were only 4 public universities in 1971. Moreover, there are more than 79 private universities which is relatively a new phenomenon in our country. There are around 1,400 higher education providing colleges also. Public universities are the first choices of most students. The universities offer a wide range of subjects in Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, etc. They provide better libraries, laboratories, and research facilities to help the young knowledge seekers. Residential and boarding facilities are also available in public universities but there is only a handful of them in our country. Those are not enough. Many students cannot get higher education from these public universities due to a lack of capacity. Every year a large number of students pass HSC. Most of them are poor and cannot get access to higher education due to poverty and increasing educational expenses. This is impossible to solve the problem overnight but it can be lessened gradually. The number of universities must be increased in the first case. The poor students should have accessibility like others. Moreover, the facilities of educational sectors should be increased and upgraded. The government should take responsibility and initiate necessary steps to solve the problem. Besides, we all should be aware of this.

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