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write a paragraph on Global Warming’ based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.


(a) what is global warming? 

(b) What are the causes of global warming?

(c) What are the effects of it? 

(d) How Can we prevent global warming?

(e) If we fail to prevent it, what may happen in near future?



Global Warming Paragraph For HSC Students 


The term Global Warming’ refers to the rise in the temperature of planet earth. Nowadays global warming has made environmentalists think about the dreadful consequences. It has become a threat to all living beings on earth. Global warming is due to the greenhouse effect. It is the gradual warming of the air because of heat being trapped in the earth. This is happening because of environmental pollution. We are destroying our tropical rain forests, growing industries, and mills-factories, using CFC gas. Thus, we are polluting our environment. By the destruction and burning of our forests, the amounts of carbon dioxide are increasing. The increased amounts of carbon dioxide around the earth have made a layer in space. The sun rays are coming through the layer but the heat cannot pass through that layer. This is why the heat is being trapped in the earth and making our globe warmer. As a result, the temperature of the world is increasing day by day. The weather pattern is changing. The alarming news is that the polar ice caps are melting and this might cause the flooding of huge areas of the globe. Bangladesh cannot escape the paws of this enemy. The lower southern part of the country may go underwater one day. Effective measures should be taken by the world community to control global warming. The emission of carbon dioxide should be reduced. Deforestation must be stopped and more trees should be planted. Above all, people should be aware of preventing the pollution of the environment.


#2  Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on Global Warming.

(a) What is global warming?

(b) What are the causes of global warming?

(c) What are the effects of global warming?

(d) What should we do to stop it?

(e) Why do we need a green environment?


Global Warming Paragraph For SSC / HSC 


Global warming is now a major worldwide concern. It is the gradual warming of the air surrounding the earth as a result of heat being trapped by environmental pollution. There are many factors responsible for it. Firstly, the destruction and burning down of tropical. rain forests; secondly, traffic that clogs up city streets; thirdly, the rapid growth of industries and the use of CFC; fourthly, the use of detergents. As a result, the world is heating up. However, the main culprit is the carbon dioxide gas produced by the burning of fossil fuels and forests. All these are responsible for global warming, as well as climatic change. The effects of global warming are very alarming for our life and existence. Because of global warming the temperatures may have risen by as much as 4° C. It could severely reduce mankind’s ability to grow food; destroy wildlife and damage wilderness, raise sea levels, and flood coastal areas and farmland. It is a severe threat to our life and existence. So to save the globe and to live a healthy life we should come forward to stop environmental pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases. To ensure a green environment we should plant trees and stop the destruction of forests. A green environment can ensure healthy and danger-free life. We all should work hand in hand to save the globe from the harmful effécts of climate change.


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