Female Education in Bangladesh Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph on Female Education in Bangladesh based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible.


(a) What is the condition of female education in your country? 

(b) What are the obstacles in the way of female education? 

(c) What are the reasons behind these barriers?

(d) Why is female education important in-country? 

(e) How can these problems be solved?


Female Education in Bangladesh Paragraph For SSC HSC

Female education in Bangladesh has now become a burning question. We are the citizens of a civilized world. A nation can be powerful by educating all of its citizens. If female education is neglected, the nation will not prosper. Education is a fundamental right of human beings. In the past, the rate of female education in our country was very low, but now it is increasing day by day. Still, in our rural areas, the rate of this progress is insufficient. Here, due to social prejudice, many parents are reluctant to send their daughters to schools. Some parents marry them off before completing their secondary education. Actually, early marriage, family restrictions, gender discrimination, etc. are actively working here as the main barriers to female education. Poverty, illiteracy, social prejudice, etc. are the reasons behind it. However, we must not forget that every girl is a future mother and a child starts learning from her mother. Educated women can perform more important roles for the development of the country. So, their education is important. The government has taken a number of steps such as providing a stipend, tiffin, learning materials, etc. to ensure female education. Free education for girls up to their graduation degree has also been introduced. Now they have more job facilities. If it continues, the problems with female education must be disappeared.

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