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Write a paragraph based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should provide as

much detail as possible. You must give a title to your paragraph.


(a) What do you understand by eve-teasing?

 (b) Who are the common eve’ teasers? 

(c) What is your attitude to them? 

(d) Who are the main targets of this heinous act? 

(e) What are the causes of eve-teasing? 

(f) What are its effects? 

(g) What measures should be taken against eve-teasing?



Eve Teasing Paragraph For HSC 


Nowadays, eve-teasing has become a very common phenomenon. The word ‘Eve’ refers to women. So, eve-teasing means teasing or disturbing. women. It is a heinous act of disturbing girls and women. It is a kind of sexual harassment. There are many ways of eve-teasing such as making bad or insulting comments, throwing pebbles to women or girls while they are on their way, making love proposals, gesturing in a bad way, etc. Eve-teasers are, mainly punk teen boys. There are also some young and aged eve-teasers. Eve-teasers bear a type of mental illness for which they enjoy teasing females. Generally, school and college-going girls fall a victim to eve-teasing committed by bad or characterless young men. Eve-teasing is a social curse. Women cannot move freely because of it. They feel insecure to go to schools and colleges. For this, many girls are compelled to stop their studies. They have to stay at home and are married off at an early age. They suffer psychologically. Sometimes, they become victims of acid throwing. Even many young girls commit suicide for this curse. Eve-teasing must be stopped. Every conscious guardian has to play a role from their respective position. Social awareness is also necessary in this regard. The government has already taken effective steps to stop eve-teasing. It has empowered the mobile courts to give immediate punishment to the eve-teasers. If eve-teasing cannot be stopped, we will not be able to live a comfortable life in society.


#  Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on “Eve Teasing” by answering the following questions.


 a) What kind of problems does ‘Eve-teasing’ create in our present time? 

(b)Who are the offenders of it? 

(c) Who are the victims of it? 

(d) How does it impact on our life? 

(e) How can we get relief from it?


Eve Teasing Paragraph For SSC / HSC


Eve teasing is an out-burst of one of the worst attitudes of men towards our womenfolk such as to annoy them. embarrass them by indecent words, activities, and gestures or to laugh at them out of the nasty desires of the evil minds. Womenfolk is teased often at educational institutions, workplaces., there and everywhere mostly by the unruly people or gangs of teenagers or other individuals. And it has recently become a great problem for our womenfolk. Most of the time school/college-going girls or office-going ladies also fall victims to eve-teasing. Eve teasers normally are seen standing up at the corner of the roads or in front of schools or colleges. They generally put on fashionable attires and keep the strange hairstyle. Some of them smoke. Whenever they see any girl or woman passing by, they pass comments towards them, sing indecent songs or make indecent gestures. The girls or women feel embarrassed and dishonored and so the situation becomes very difficult for them, even they often feel insecure to go outside. Basically, ethical degradation, lack of family bondages, effects of western culture, and nasty curiosity lead our boys to do so. I think, a drastic action, without considering their pomp and power, political identity, caste, and community can do a lot. Our law enforcement agencies should keep the matter on their head firmly and tackle the teasing trends seriously. Our political leaders should also work hand in hand without showing zero tolerance to the issue. Our mass media can play an important role in this respect.


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