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Write a paragraph on ‘E-mail’ based on the answers to the following questions.


(a) What is the elaborate form of e-mail? 

(b) What do you understand by e-mail? 

(c) What are the benefits of e-mail? 

(d) What kinds of documents can be sent via e-mail? 

(e) Why is it difficult to maintain e-mail in Bangladesh?




E-mail Paragraph For HSC Students 


The word *e-mail’ actually stands for electronic mail. An e-mail is a way of sending messages and data to other people by means of computers connected together with a network. E-mail saves a lot of paper. It has less trouble. Privacy is ensured in an e-mail. E-mail transmission is very speedy. It is four times faster than fax and ten times faster than telex. In an e-mail, we can send different kinds of documents like audio and video files. For all these reasons people prefer e-mail to telex. In spite of all these advantages, it is somewhat difficult to maintain e-mail in a developing country like Bangladesh, because it costs us money. It needs a computer, a telephone line, network connection and so on to operate it. But since most of the people of our country are poor, they cannot afford all these valuable accessories of e-mail. For these reasons, it is somewhat difficult to maintain e-mail in a developing country like ours.



# Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on E-mail


(a) What is e-mail? 

(b) How does it help communication? 

(c) How does it help students? 

(d) What are the benefits of using e-mail? 

(e) Why do trade and commerce depend on e-mail? 

(g) Why should the young generation have knowledge of e-mail? 


Email Paragraph For SSC 


Electronic mail popularly known as e-mail is the communication system that transmits electronic messages via electronic means. Being å person to person communication, e-mail turns out to be a cheaper alternative to a telephone conversation and eliminates the time spent in establishing phone calls. An important advantage of e-mail is its ability to reduce the consumption of paper in the office. Internal memos and reports can be exchanged eſectronically without using paper. Being a computer-based messaging system files prepared on computers can be instantly copied and easily ‘exchanged as e-mail. This facility has the potential of improving office efficiency considerably. An E-mail has broüght about a revolution in modern communication. Message can be transmitted from one country to another within seconds. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. Trade and commerce have becòme greatly dependent on this speedy mode of communication.

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