Dowry System Paragraph – Short Paragraph Writing

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Write a paragraph on ‘Dowry System’ based on the answers to the following questions.


(a) What is the dowry system? 

(b) Who are the victims of dowry? 

(c) What are the reasons for the dowry system?

(d) What are the consequences of the dowry system?

(e) How can we prevent this evil practices


Dowry System Paragraph For SSC HSC 


Dowry is a social curse that has spread all over our country. The Dowry system refers to the system or custom in some societies in which a wife or her family must pay money or property or both to her husband when they get married. The money or the property that is given is known as dowry. This abominable system is very disgraceful for any woman. Women are the victims of this heinous system. The whole family of the bride is to suffer because the parents or brothers of the bride are to arrange the money to give to the bridegroom or to his family. Socio-economic, cultural, and religious factors are responsible for this detestable system. In some societies, it is established as a social norm and they have accepted it normally. A poor husband wants to get a sum of money from his in-laws to start a business or to meet his other needs. In some societies, it has been a culture to give and take dowry. But Islam does not support taking or giving dowry. The Hindu law withdraws the right of a woman’s paternal property when she gets married. For this reason, she along with her husband does not hesitate to take dowry. Due to this system, the father’s family of a bride often gets bankrupt. The Dowry system also demeans women. A social awareness against the dowry system is a must to stop this evil practice. The conscious and respected people should come forward to stop it. We should even adopt a law against this system. Then we will be able to get rid of it.

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